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Trump-Kim Peace Summit Becomes Sippable Spectacle in Singapore

Here in the United States, people are wholly amazed by the progress that Donald Trump has made on the issue of North Korea, especially given just how short a time he has been working on the issue under official capacity.

We’re talking about a nation led by a despotic dynasty for the last 60-some years, who only just agreed to end the six decade Korean War after Donald Trump and his administration encouraged the United Nations to slap hefty sanctions on Kim Jong Un and his people.  Given just how isolated North Korea has already made themselves on the world’s stage, having only Iran, China, and Russia to truly call “allies”, any loss of income would be disastrous for the tiny nation.

President Trump certainly understood this as he was working through how best to put the pressure on the dainty dictator.

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Now, after months of tension, it looks as though Trump and Kim will meet face to face on June 12th in Singapore – something that no U.S. President has ever done.

As important as this summit is for the United States and the world at large, it is absolutely incredible for Asia, due to their proximity to the willy-nilly nuclear ambitions of Kim and his regime.  Singapore, which will host the historic summit, is going all out for the occasion, with local bars and restaurants getting in on the action as well.

A gastropub named Escobar has created drinks named “Trump” and “Kim.”

The “Trump” is bourbon-based and red, white and blue, while the “Kim” is made with Soju (a stilled rice drink that is considered Korea’s national drink) and is blue and red; to match the colors of each nation’s flag. Both beverages are $12.60, which is reportedly a nod to the date of the historic summit.

According to Singapore’s Straits Times, “Both drinks use equal portions of alcohol to avoid controversy over which is stronger.”

Meanwhile, a tapas bar named Hopheads will reportedly offer the “Bromance,” a drink Reuters says is made with beer, tequila, diet Coke, and soju.

“We have decided to use diet Coke as it is Trump’s favorite beverage,” manager Carlo Ibanez told Reuters. The “Bromance” will be accompanied with a sticker of Trump and Kim puckering up.

And because you have to see these drinks side by side to truly appreciate the humor:

Now let’s hope that the only hangover we suffer from this historic summit comes from one of these concoctions and not some drama between the two diplomats.


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