Trump Jr.’s Email Contact Admits That She Has NO Connection to Kremlin

Once again, the United States’ liberal media is making a mountain out of a molehill in regard to Donald Trump’s imaginary connections to Russia.

The latest spate of attacks against the freely elected President of the United States has come in the form of a so-called “bombshell” report by the ultraliberal New York Times claiming that Donald Trump Jr. met with “Russian government” lawyers in secret during his father’s 2016 campaign hoping to glean damaging information about Hillary Clinton in the process.  Of course, as with nearly all other aspects of the Russian conspiracy theory, there is very, very little truth to these absurd claims.

First and foremost, it should be noted that attempting to invest in damaging information about your opponent is in no way a crime, or an amoral action in this modern world of mudslinging politics.  Hillary Clinton herself has been quiet on the subject of today’s “bombshell”, almost entirely due to the fact that her own closet full of skeletons was exposed by Wikileaks during her ill-fated 2016 run, and her collusion with the DNC to squash Bernie Sanders is a far more serious offense than what the left is claiming that Don Jr. did.

Secondly, the lawyer with which Donald Trump Jr. met as admitted that she is absolutely not connected with the Kremlin, turning this whole story into a nothing burger; the preferred pejorative of the “gotcha” leftists.

“The Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 election campaign said Tuesday she is not linked to the Kremlin.

“In a clip of an exclusive interview with NBC News, Natalia Veselnitskaya said it is ‘possible’ that the president’s son was looking for damaging information on the Democratic Party.

“‘They wanted it so badly,’ she said in a segment that aired Tuesday on NBC’s ‘Today.’ ‘I never knew who else would be attending the meeting. All I knew was that Mr. Donald Trump Jr. was willing to meet with me.’

“The New York Times reported on Saturday the president’s eldest son met with the Russian lawyer. The story said she has possible connections to the Kremlin.

“On Sunday, Trump Jr. acknowledged that he met with Veselnitskayaafter he was told she might have information ‘helpful’ to his father’s presidential campaign.”

In true Trump fashion, however, Don Jr. had a trick up his sleeve to stymy the fake news of the New York Times.

Jared Sexton, the “journalist” responsible for this sham of a scoop, was defeated once again by the Trump machine as Donald Jr. preemptively released the entire email chain that Sexton claimed was some sort of smoking gun.  Sexton then had a very public and ugly meltdown on Twitter over being scooped by his own scoop.

New York Times

And just like that, the Trump machine takes the fake news media down another peg.

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