North Korea

Trump Implores Kim Jong Un to “Make A Deal” While Visiting South Korea

For weeks, the world has been preparing for the other shoe to drop as it pertains to North Korea’s continued antagonization of the United States.

Kim Jong Un has reiterated his “madman” status several times during his war of words with President Trump, referring to the Commander in Chief often as a “lunatic old man”, and even a “dotard” – terminology that hasn’t been colloquial in America for roughly a century.  Furthermore, the rogue dictator has taken to threatening the wholesale destruction of the United States on several occasions, often exclaiming his hopes to reduce the nation to “ash and darkness”, or some other two-noun pile of rubble.

President Trump, for what it’s worth, has been firing the insults right back at Kim in a defiant show of force that previous American leadership was hesitant to engage in.  Trump, like the rest of the world, understands very explicitly that North Korea’s constant barrage of propaganda is nothing more than a technique they’ve developed for mitigating the massive cache of U.N. sanctions that the hermit kingdom has been racking up over the years.

Now, with Trump visiting South Korea, and being as close to Kim as ever, the U.S. President is urging the madman of Pyongyang to strike a deal with America over its continued nuclear weapons development…

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…Or else?

“Trump, in his first day on the Korean peninsula, again pushed Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons program, but sounded an optimistic note, saying confidently, if vaguely, ‘ultimately, it’ll all work out.’ And while he said the United States would use military force if needed, he expressed his strongest inclination yet to deal with rising tensions with Pyongyang through diplomacy.

“’It makes sense for North Korea to come to the table and make a deal that is good for the people of North Korea and for the world,’ Trump said during a news conference alongside South Korean president Moon Jae-in. ‘I do see certain movement.’

“Trump said he’s seen ‘a lot of progress’ in dealing with North Korea though he stopped short of saying whether he wanted direct diplomatic talks.

“Trump also underscored the United States’ military options, noting that three aircraft carrier groups and a nuclear submarine had been deployed to the region. But he said ‘we hope to God we never have to use’ the arsenal.”

Trump’s change of tone could have something to do with his audience in South Korea, who are keenly aware that Kim Jong Un has a massive artillery battery trained on Seoul at all times, ready to launch an assault on the capital city of the American ally should military action be taken.

Trump’s diplomatic stance, while seemingly less aggressive than previous incarnations of his position, also carries with it the serious undertone of a “last chance” offer for Kim Jong Un.  Should the dainty despot refuse Trump’s last olive branch, here seen as a “deal”, the repercussions could be transformative for the region.

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