Trump Hits Back At Fake News Kings Over Malicious Stunt

The President has had little reprieve from the attacks of the leftist media over the course of the last year, but he certainly hasn’t taken their barrage of lies laying down either.

In particular, President Trump has been dealing with fake news pioneers CNN on a near-daily basis, as the left-leaning “news” organization continues their rampant recital of democratic drivel aimed directly at the Oval Office.  For months we’ve been inundated with garbage and hyperbole meant to indoctrinate our nation’s more malleable minds into a fervor against the Commander in Chief.

Trump, unlike his predecessors in nearly every way, has not been shy in the least about hitting back.

That why when CNN published a phony timeline in a story meant to cast doubt on the President’s legitimacy, it took no time for Trump to hit back.

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“CNN reported Friday morning that Trump, Trump Jr. and others on the campaign received an email on Sept. 4, 2016 granting them access to former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s previously unreleased hacked emails. In fact, the email was sent on Sept.14 and directed the recipients to documents that had already been made public. CNN issued a correction some seven hours after the initial report.

“Trump initially derided CNN for their coverage during a rally in Pensacola Florida Friday night.

“’But, and by the way, did you see all the corrections the media has been making? Saying “Sorry we made a mistake.”  They have been doing that all year,’ Trump said to raucous applause. ‘They never apologize. Maybe that comes with being the President. I don’t know? They have been apologizing left and right.'”

Trump’s anger wasn’t contained merely to the Florida event, either, with a pair of Twitter scoldings to boot:

Fake News

CNN has, by far, been the worst offender of the bunch, but this only demonstrates the perverse nature of the mainstream media as a whole in the age of Trump.

President Trump has been treated much differently than previous Commanders in Chief by a long shot, thanks to his unconventional background and willingness to stand up to the Washington machine.  By declaring that he was planning to “drain the swamp”, Trump garnered the attention of those entrenched in the D.C. status quo, both on Capitol Hill and in the media that covers it.  This has emblazoned an incredibly large target on his back…something that CNN isn’t even attempting to deny.

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