Trump Heads Back to Texas as Harvey Victims Begin to Rebuild

For the second time in a week, President Trump is in Texas doing whatever he can to help hurricane victims rebuild.

Warnings from Texas officials have claimed that there may still be over two weeks of flooding to contend with in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, thanks in no small part to the storm’s slow, meandering path through the heart of Texas.  Rescue workers and first responders have been unfathomably busy in the last few days, working sometimes days on end with little to no rest, in an attempt to right what the category 4 storm has wronged.

Now, after a brief visit earlier in the week, President Trump is back in Texas looking to help.

“White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders emphasized Friday that Trump had not been able to go into Houston on Tuesday, but will now get a chance to meet with storm survivors, seeming to preview a trip that will check all the boxes that Trump did not during his first visit.
“‘He’ll have the chance to meet extensively with quite a few storm survivors, as well as talk with some of the volunteers that are helping administer a lot of the support that these individuals have needed over the last week,’ Sanders said. ‘And then from there, he’ll go to Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he’ll do a stop there as well, meeting with a lot of the volunteers and other storm survivors.’
 “‘When one part of America hurts, we all hurt. When we see neighbors in need, we rush to their aid. We don’t ask their names or where they are from — we help our fellow Americans every single time,’ Trump said in his weekly address.
“He added: ‘All American hearts are with the people of Texas and Louisiana. We mourn and pray and struggle through the hardships — together.'”
Trump faced absurd mainstream media criticisms during his Tuesday visit, as the radical left continues their attempted character assassination of the Commander in Chief.
Meanwhile, the people of Texas have embraced the visits from Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, with some lining up to see the President speak on Tuesday.  Regardless of the media’s portrayal of the President’s visit, Trump’s traveling to Houston and other affected areas has been an important part of the healing process for these gulf coast residents, some of whom likely recall the controversial response by former President George W. Bush after 2005’s Hurricane Katrina slammed into an under-prepared New Orleans.

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