James Comey

Comey Preemptively Believed Trump Was a Liar, Biased Attitude Led to Note Taking

James Comey’s peculiar behavior in his one-on-one interactions with President Trump have been the focus of many Americans over the course of this week.

Comey, the disgraced FBI director that was fired by Donald Trump for his inability to effectively investigate Hillary Clinton’s massive national security breach, is testifying before congress today regarding his firing and how the democrats believe wholeheartedly that Russia is somehow involved in that move by the President.  One point being reiterated time and again by James Comey is that he felt it extremely pertinent to take notes during this meetings with Donald Trump, something that Comey had not done previously in meeting with other Presidents and dignitaries…including his hours of time investigating Hillary Clinton.

When pressed for an answer why Comey suddenly shifted his note-taking policy when speaking with Trump, the former FBI chief testified that it was because he had previously decided that the President was a liar.

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“Thursday during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, former FBI Director James Comey said he kept detailed notes about his discussions with President Donald Trump because he ‘was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting.’”

This sort of preemptive judgement is certainly unbecoming of a public servant, let alone a high officer of the intelligence community.  Citing his “read” on the President, Comey has outed himself as a biased and worrisome fellow whose premature opinion of the President and his intentions could very well have influenced his job.

Comey’s testimony continues on Capitol Hill, but, at this point, his “revelations” have been anything but.  Instead of hearing the impeachment fodder that the democrats were hoping for, we’re finding a fractured and opinionated former Director who has a singular purpose:  Delegitimizing the President of the United States.


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