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Trump Golf Course AGAIN Vandalized by Liberal “Resistance” Twerps

According to the Democrats, election results are only valid if it is their candidate who comes out on top.

In the case of the 2016 Presidential race, after Hillary Clinton was sent packing by a clandestine conservative uprising in the United States, Donald Trump’s rise to the top was considered complete.  The republicans would be back in the White House, with a majority in the House and the Senate, and the damage done by former President Barack Obama could finally be deconstructed, brick by brick.

Then, however, something peculiar happened.  Nearly half of the nation began insisting that Donald Trump’s election was a farce.  It didn’t count.  We wasn’t a legitimate President.

This anti-American, sore-loser sentiment was only further bolstered by the mainstream media’s insistence on mocking the leader of the free world every step of the way.  A name was given to this overall feeling of indignation and anger:  The Resistance.

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Now, those who believe that they are a part of this cabal of crybabies have been lashing out against the fairly elected President of the United States in unprecedented ways, with several instances of vandalism occurring on Trump-owned properties around the globe.  The past few days have been especially rough for Trump’s golf courses, which have seen more than their fair share of liberal defacement.

“About 200 activists hit the links in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, this weekend to take their anti-Trump message straight to the source.

“Volunteers from Indivisible San Pedro, a political action organization, met on the green of Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles to spell out ‘RESIST!’
It’s one little word, but for the volunteers who were there, it’s loaded with questions.
 “‘There’s always a new Trump outrage,’ volunteer Peter Warren told CNN. ‘This week’s outrage was the firing of Comey so the ‘resist’ to us was to…get a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s collusion with Russia and Russia’s interference with the 2016 election.'”
The nonsensical nature of the entire “resistance” movement has called into question the political left’s commitment to the American experience.  While there will certainly always be a place for civilized dissonance and dissent in the United States, the outright refusal to accept democratic results of elections is a far cry from the sort of discourse America expects of her citizens.
Furthermore, the defacing of these properties, in some cases taxpayer funded properties, does more harm than good to those directly involved at the ground level of these locations.  They do little to affect Donald Trump and his policy making in Washington D.C., and are simply bratty and childish temper tantrums being thrown by upset liberals.

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