Trump Goes After Voter Fraud Despite 20+ States Refusing to Cooperate

Donald Trump is taking on our dysfunctional government one dirty trick at a time, in spite of a growing “resistance” movement that aims to defy him.

One such project on the President’s plate is his Voter Fraud Commission aimed at, you guessed it, getting to the bottom of the nation’s rampant, and still growing, issue of election malpractice.  If you ask the democrats, there isn’t a problem with voter fraud, and every 4 years we are treated to loads of dismissals from the liberals as to why voter fraud isn’t something that should be noticed, investigated, or rectified.  The reason being, of course, is that the democrats are exploiting voter fraud to maintain what little governmental power that they have left.

Voter fraud can happen in a myriad of ways, and in some ways can be one of the more complex issues to understand when it comes to American elections.  There is outright voter fraud in which the democrats will register deceased or imaginary persons to vote, something that was once again at the heart of the issue in 2016.  There is also a more passive issue, especially in large democrat states with sanctuary cities full of illegal aliens.  Of course, non-citizens are not legally allowed to vote in American elections, but this hasn’t stopped a great many from doing so anyway.  In our most recent showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it was estimated that literally millions of illegal votes were cast.  Given the propensity of illegal aliens to vote democrat, it is no surprise that the left refuses to investigate the phenomenon.

Given these intensely powerful issues, President Trump has taken it upon himself to appoint a Voter Fraud Commission to get to the bottom of it.  The only issue is that the democrats’ frivolous “resistance” is refusing to cooperate, with at least 20 states defying the President’s orders to turn data over to the commission.

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The Donald isn’t having it.

“President Trump forged ahead Wednesday with his voter fraud commission, kicking off its first meeting and repeatedly declaring voter information ‘will be forthcoming’ from the roughly 20 states that have yet to comply with the group’s request.

“Trump in May announced the formation of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. The commission sparked controversy several weeks ago by asking states to provide voter information including names, voting history and party affiliation.

“Nearly 20 states reportedly have yet to comply with the request.

“’More than 30 states have already shared this information. And the others states, that information will be forthcoming,’ Trump said. ‘So the full truth will be known and exposed if necessary in the light of day.’

“The 12-member, bipartisan group will looking into such matters as voter suppression, registration, the voting processes, polices and rules during federal elections. “

This is precisely the sort of thing that contributed to Trump’s resounding victory in November, and the refusal of these states to comply with his investigation is downright deplorable.

Voter fraud effects all Americans in some respect.  Without the sacred right to vote being given a proper chance to flourish, free of corruption, our system of checks and balances cannot function correctly.  It creates a sham of a government, held hostage by those with the most experience in the ruse.  It emboldens this snarky and shallow “resistance”, and an unmitigated investigation into the matter is our only hope for eradicating the liberal scourge that plagues our government.

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