Global warming

Trump Global Warming Rollercoaster Far From Over

Donald Trump announced earlier this week, via proxy, that his views on the global warming hoax are changing…rapidly, in fact.

The hoax of global warming has been a divisive, bipartisan issue in the United States for years, as the left battles to sanctify the thoroughly debunked theory that manmade emissions are rapidly “cooking” the planet.  Their concern is, as the planet’s temperature rises, the polar ice caps will melt, drawing all the cutesy-wutesey polar bears.

Of course, all of this has been refuted by science time and again.  Democrats, however, are only interested in science when it behooves them, allowing them the most ridiculous privilege of malleable deniability ever to exist in modern politics.

Donald Trump, understanding that the federal government, ergo, the taxpayers, are spending a fortune to fund initiatives based on the hoax, vowed during the 2016 election to fight back about the leftist interests.  Now, after having a tense visit with Pope Francis this week, Trump was exposed to the Pontiff’s very liberal views on the global warming hoax.  It seems that the Papal talking-to may have affected the President, as he slowly begins to reformulate how best to handle the U.S.’ involvement with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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“President Trump on Saturday at the G-7 Summit in Italy declined to join six other leading nations in their pledge to uphold the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

“Trump posting on Twitter earlier in the day that he would make a final decision next week about whether the United States would remain in the deal, in which the major countries agreed to cut back on the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants believed to be increasing the earth’s temperature and harming the environment.”

Trump has already indicated that a decision will be made by his adiministration in the coming week regarding the agreement.  Meanwhile, the millions of voters who were swayed by Trump’s tough talk on eco-warrior nonsense and the liberals who spout it are facing a crisis of conscience as the President mulls his options.

The continued involvement of the federal government in global warming initiatives is certainly absurd, but can Washington’s insider elite lean hard enough on Donald Trump to make him see things their way?

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