Trump Gives Press a Much-Deserved Dressing Down

All you really need to know about President-elect Donald Trump’s meeting Monday with anchors, journalists, talk hosts and other mainstream media big wigs can be summed up by two curious facts.

One, the meeting was designated “off-the-record,” which in media speak is supposed to mean that every member of the media who attended had agreed ahead of time that nothing said or done in the meeting would be discussed publicly, except perhaps with editors or other meeting attendees.

Two, the meeting and what happened were, a few hours later, all over the media and Internet, such as in this example here.

That alone proves what Trump reportedly said at the meeting, that “we’re in a room of liars.”

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Fact-check that, MSM.

It was a well-earned talking-to that the media got. After spending the entire presidential campaign smoothing out and coloring over Hillary Clinton’s campaign and history with rhetorical soft pastels, while reporting and even magnifying every lie said about Trump and every flaw as if it were supreme truth handed down by Moses, those arrogant media types thought they were going to run the meeting and get answers about access during the Trump Administration.

Instead, The Donald — and he’s “The” Donald for a reason — cut a switch and took the media cretins out to the woodshed.

It was long overdue.

The big media didn’t learn their lesson from the election, which embarrassed the lot of them and completely dismantled any implied claims of being truth tellers and soothsayers.

Hordes of teary-eyed liberals continue to terrorize towns across America with their “not my president” rants and riots, while the press is continuing to play presstitute to the Democrats, to Hillary and to George Soros, the liver-spotted Goldfinger behind most of the Left’s strategies and organizations, from funding the Democrats’ many campaigns for office to financially backing Black Lives Matter’s and Occupy’s smashing and burning of local communities.

Yet the press covers the liberals’ Brownshirt riot squads as if they were just hosting a tea party discussion of current events. (Contrast with coverage of actual Tea Party gatherings that actually were peaceful.)

This same press was all over Trump after the third presidential debate, when he didn’t agree outright to accept the election results before they had happened. (The implication, obviously, being that the media “knew” Hillary was going to win, and Trump supporters had better accept it.) Now that the Left has lost, handily and across the board, the press sees not accepting the election results as free speech. CNN is just one outlet that still acts shocked when what they described as a “peaceful rally” was declared a riot by police.

So-called journalists who cleared their stories with the DNC or Clinton campaign officials before publication, news outlets that were fed stories by the Clinton campaign and ran them without question, respected (for some reason) media establishments that held secret fundraisers in coordination with the DNC, media that ran stories leaked by Clinton surrogates in a coordinated effort to stop Bernie Sanders, pro-Clinton political commentators who sought DNC approval before submitting their pieces — these are all just symptoms of a longstanding problem, which is that the mainstream media have downgraded themselves from public watchdogs to political lapdogs.

In many ways, the political tantrums being acted out on our streets right now are the result of a press that has first pacified and infantilized entire generations by lying about the Right, glorifying the Left and promoting the most crass, self-indulgent behaviors from celebrities and politicians, all while hiding truths such as what the Obama Administration was doing to conservative citizens through the IRS, what it was covering up in Benghazi, and just how close to World War III Obama was taking us with his narcissistic ambitions to overthrow Syria.

Then it has also fed the Left, not a group well known for its critical thinking skills, a steady diet of Marxist class envy, mixed with lies about the health of Obama’s economy (it’s great, of course), seasoned with fear-filled but empty distractions such as global warming, sprinkled with made-up racial oppression, trimmed with white supremacist fantasies, and served with a huge dollop of entitlement.

That suite of media lies is the weaponized hallucinogen that has infected the Left and resulted in countless death threats against Trump, members of the Electoral College and even just ordinary Trump supporters. Television actors are screaming “f*** you, bitch” during broadcasts. Even teenagers are performing school skits in which they’ve killed Trump.

The great surprise will be if some foaming-at-the-mouth Clinton devotee doesn’t try to do something drastic to President Trump within his first two weeks in office.

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