Should Trump “Get Low” in the Next Debate?

Donald Trump’s talking points appear to be pivoting, somewhat, following the first Presidential Debate. Are Trump’s recent talking points, specifically about Bill Clinton’s many indiscretions and his impeachment during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, an indication of what we can expect during the next Presidential Debate? 

If so, is “going low” a smart strategy for Trump?  Can Trump check-mate Hillary by going low? Remember, the Clintons have spent more than 30 years in politics perfecting the art of mud-slinging. 

Trump would do well to consider, Hillary is expected to win. But, she has nothing new. No new ideas, no new policies, just a continuation of the past 8 years. Staying on message will force Hillary to rise up from all the mud slinging and she will flounder. Trump focusing on the very real pain and concerns of Americans shines a light on Hillary’s lack of real solutions and Trump wins. 

On the other hand, although there is room to check Hillary on topics of morality, if Trump “goes low” and stays low for any substantial amount of time, Hillary wins. This does not mean the Clinton’s very public past and present indiscretions are NOT fair game. They are and should be used to paint a very clear picture of Hillary’s lack of character, poor judgment,  and how she’s unfit to be President. 

However, Trump must be calculated. Strategic. Like a game of chess, Trump must bide his time and wait for the perfect moment to strike, using Bill’s indiscretions as exclamation points, rather than centerpieces of his comments. 


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