Trump Gains in Popularity, Despite Media Assault Against Him

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

The last Rasmussen poll of the year has some very surprising news for President Trump and the rest of America.

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It seems that for all the controversy of President Trump’s first year, he is at the exact same polling level  of his predecessor at the same time in his presidency.

For conservatives, and Republicans, this isn’t all that surprising.

The President has kept many of his campaign promises and has worked hard to do everything he could to prove to his voters that he means what he says.

The only major policy battle that the President couldn’t win was repealing Obamacare, but by repealing the individual mandate through tax reform… he has essentially ended Obamacare’s corrupt reign.

In fact, the only reason that Trump’s approval rating is surprising is because he’s spent the entire year dealing with an antagonistic and biased media.

The media’s coverage of President Trump has been overwhelmingly negative, more than three times more critical than the initial coverage of former President Barack Obama and twice that of former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

The Pew Research Center said that the early coverage of Trump was 62 percent negative. By comparison, Obama’s coverage was just 20 percent negative.

Pew’s research found that the media is overwhelmingly anti-Trump and that they’ve treated him in a far more biased manner than they did any  of his recent predecessors.

About six-in-ten stories on Trump’s early days in office had a negative assessment, about three times more than in early coverage for Obama and roughly twice that of Bush and Clinton. Coverage of Trump’s early time in office moved further away from a focus on the policy agenda and more toward character and leadership,Pew said.

Only the most intellectually dishonest people would need more evidence than this to agree that the media has been treating the President unfairly over the last year.

This is proof positive that President Trump has done an amazing job battling both the insurgent anti-Trump media, the intransigent Democrat Party, and our enemies abroad as he’s helped to improve life in America over the last year.

Hopefully, he can continue doing the great work he’s done.


Onan Coca

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