Was This a Trump Gaffe or Another Trick to Make the Media Campaign for Him?

The use of a “star of David” is being treated like another Trump gaffe but it looks like a brilliant PR move.

Was tweeting an image calling Hillary Clinton corrupt using a star of David another Trump gaffe? Or did he just get the mainstream media to show his message about Hillary’s corruption to the world?

That version was taken down and a new version was used with a circle. However, some people detected the points of the star were poking out from the circle, giving them more reason to plaster Trump’s message all over the internet.

Here is another piece of free CNN airtime showing Donald Trump’s accusations against corrupt Criminal Hillary Clinton.

Notice a couple of things here:

  1. The host in the second clip turns the fact that the image was changed into an accusation against Donald Trump. But if the alleged Trump gaffe was left up after the possible symbolism was recognized, that would obviously be used as grounds for accusing him of anti-Semitism. Removing the image is consistent with the story that it was an accident.
  2. The originator of the anti-Semitism smear is not the Liberal media but the conservative traitor and eternal sore loser, Eric Erickson of RedState.com. He is all too happy to use the Left’s tactics of crying racism, while accusing Trump of not being conservative enough. Once again, the #NeverTrump leaders act like lying scum.

It is possible the image was put up accidentally. Social media works fast and it is sometimes hard to be effective if you have to vet it. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new social media director quit after only eight weeks, in part because he could never get anything posted because it had to be first approved. So maybe Donald Trump’s organization needs to slow down a tad bit.

But how much harm did it do? Everyone knows that Donald Trump is not anti-Semitic. Even when the Huffington Post ran their smear article claiming he made a blatant anti-Semitic attack, they admit:

The irony, of course, is that Trump has Jewish relatives. His daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism when she married Jared Kushner, who is Jewish himself. Trump’s grandkids are Jewish too. Trump even has a number of Jewish backers.

But tweeting this image proves he’s anti-Semitic? Give me a break.

Since this is so unbelievable, the Huffington Post resorts to claiming he is appealing to anti-Semites, as if they make up a winning voting bloc!

The article also claims the image first appeared on a racist website, but if that is true, the image could have been traveling all over Facebook and Twitter, shared by people who are aghast at Clinton’s corruption but never noticed how many points the star had.

In the meantime, Donald Trump just got loads of free publicity for his message about Clinton’s corruption.

That’s why I think it possible that this was not an accident at all. The supposed Trump gaffe might be another instance of Trump getting the media to dance to his tune.

Eric Erickson might be useful after all.

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