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Trump Foe and Reality TV Star Eyeing 2020 Presidential Run


Donald Trump’s unconventional rise to the highest office in the land may have had the unintended effect of pushing a certain reality television star into politics.

Liberals love to lambast Donald Trump’s reality TV role as a way to delegitimize the massively successful business mogul.  Now, one of Trump’s old friends, now turned foe, is eyeing his own Presidential campaign, despite his deep ties to the embarrassed and corrupt Hillary Clinton.

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“Billionaire Mark Cuban says his potential future in politics depends on the next four years of Donald Trump‘s presidency.

 “’What I do depends on how things play out for the country,’ Cuban told Business Insider in an interview via email.

“Cuban said he had discussions with his family last year before he thrust himself into the political spotlight by campaigning for Hillary Clinton in an effort to stop Trump.”

Cuban has been an outspoken critic of the Donald Trump throughout the his presidential campaign and fledgling presidency, often supplying Hillary Clinton and other Trump critics with unrelated anecdotes from their time as friends in the business world.


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