While Trump Focuses on Fixes, His Opponents Focus on Personal Attacks

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Yesterday morning, President Trump spoke with the press before meeting with former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger.

The biggest question seeming to weigh on the minds of the media was Senator Bob Corker’s recent comments about President Trump leading us to WWIII. After the President calmly denied that he was leading us down a path to war, he argued that conflict was the direction the last 25 years of history had been leading us, and that he was doing his very best to solve the problems that previous administrations simply kicked down the road.

When reporters asked if his ongoing conflict with his own party would hinder his efforts to get a tax reform deal done, the President was hopeful that that wouldn’t be the case. He explained that tax reform was popular among voters, which should help the GOP support his efforts and then he added that he would also soon be issuing an executive order about Obamacare that would hopefully alleviate some of the pressure Americans are feeling.

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I don’t think so, no. I don’t think so at all. I think we’re well on our way. It’s very — the people of this country want tax cuts. They want lower taxes.

We’re the highest-taxed nation in the world. Our companies are not leaving so much now because we have them coming back. You see what happened. You see the announcements from companies building car plants now in Michigan; they’re going to various different states. They’re actually picking some additional locations. But just last week, five plants announced that they’re going to build in this country.

But I will say that we’re the highest-taxed nation in the world. People want to see massive tax cuts. I’m giving the largest tax cuts in the history of this country. In addition to that, there will be reform.

So I think that it’s politically — it’s very positive. The people of the country want it. We’re also bringing back $3 trillion from offshore. That’s money that’s been there for years that wants to come back into the country, but the tax situation didn’t allow it to happen and the bureaucracy. And that’s going to come back as part of the deal — $3 trillion. It could even be more than that.

People want to see tax cuts, they want to see major reductions in their taxes, and they want to see tax reform — and that’s what we’re doing. And we’ll be adjusting a little bit over the next few weeks to make it even stronger. But I will tell you that it’s become very, very popular.

And I’ll also be signing something probably this week, which is going to go a long way, to take care of many of the people that have been so badly hurt on healthcare. And they’ll be able to buy, they’ll be able to cross state lines, and they will get great, competitive healthcare, and it will cost the United States nothing. Take care of a big percentage of the people we’re talking about, too.

So with Congress the way it is, I decided to take it upon myself. So we’ll be announcing that soon as far as the signing is concerned. But it’s largely worked out. It’s very simple in one way but very intricate in another. But it will be great, great healthcare for many, many people — a big percentage of the number of people that we were talking about for failed Obamacare.

Now, we’re going to have to do something with Obamacare because it’s failing. Henry Kissinger does not want to pay 116 percent increase in his premiums, but that’s what’s happening. And it’s actually getting worse; it’s getting worse by the minute. So we’re going to have to do something with Obamacare and that will work out.

But very importantly, a big percentage of people will be able to get healthcare. And they’ll be able to go across state lines, they’ll be able to buy from many, many competitors — meaning the insurance companies — and it will not cost our country anything, but they’ll have great, great health insurance again.

The President said all of this while responding to some very hurtful personal attacks from a GOP Senator, which seems to undercut the idea that he’s a loose cannon. The president seems to be laser focused on policy, why can’t his opponents do the same?

Imagine how much better off we’d be if Democrats stopped obsessing over fallacious scandals about race relations and Russia, and the GOP moderates stopped falling all over themselves to support the Democrats and both groups started focusing, like the President, on policy?

What a world that could be. 🇺🇸

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