Trump Fires Warning Shot at Unpatriotic NFL Player and Uncaring League

For those of you who have tuned out of the NFL this season due to the anthem kneeling nonsense, let us catch you up on the season in a nutshell.

Neither team who played in the Super Bowl last year looks awfully likely to repeat their trip, the stands are empty pretty much everywhere, and every week there is a new controversy over players refusing to stand and respect the National Anthem.

This week, ever after a year of constant disapproval from the fans and the rest of the nation, the nonsense continues with once-prominent running back Marshawn Lynch standing for the Mexican National Anthem…but not for the Star Spangled Banner.

While there has been plenty of fuss over the anthem throughout the season, this brazen barnyard excrement was enough to compel President Trump to make his feelings known via Twitter. 

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“President Trump early Monday slammed Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, saying the NFL should suspend him the next time he does not stand for the national anthem.

“’Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem. Great disrespect!’ Trump wrote on Twitter.

“’Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of season. Attendance and ratings way down.’

And that wasn’t even the worst of Lynch’s behavior this year.  The no-longer-retired NFL “star” pulled a similarly anti-U.S. stunt just a month ago as well.

“He wore a shirt in October to one of his games that read ‘EVERYBODY VS TRUMP.’”

Lynch is far from the first or the worst offender in the league, however.

That position clearly belongs to National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell, who for well over a year has been bristling back at critics who believe that players should be reprimanded for their protests.  As the man with ultimate control over the league itself, Goodell has refused to even consider the idea, and has openly criticized opponents of the protests.

What Goodell and much of liberal base is refusing to admit is that these overpaid players are still at work when they choose to disrespect the nation.  Should Goodell be inclined to enact a rule, or merely allow team owners to enact a rule, that allowed for punishment of these players at the discretion of their employers, that would not only absolve the league of any complicity in the anti-American rhetoric, but allow individual teams the ability to represent themselves how they see fit; the economic impact of which would drastically alter the fan bases of individual organizations.



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