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Trump Fighting Back Against Fabricated Russian Prostitute Dossier

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There have been numerous, incredibly strange tactics that the democrats have used in attempts to delegitimize the President, but one smear campaign in particular was the most salacious.

It all began when Buzzfeed and CNN, (both only sort of “news” sources), began circulating a supposed “dossier” that detailed President Trump’s alleged activities in the presence of Muscovite prostitutes on his business trips to Russia.  In the documents, unverifiable, anonymous sources attempted to paint a picture of Trump paying these women to commit all manner of unsanitary sexual acts with him and then reporting this information back to the Kremlin, who would then blackmail the businessman should the need arise.

The whole story was unbelievable, and for good reason:  None of the “news” organizations that ran with the content of the dossier could or would verify its authenticity.  It was nothing more than a publicity stunt in the form of a claim so outrageous that, even given its false nature, would be reported ad nauseam by the radical left.

Now, as the ridiculous report continues to evade investigators, and its producers continue to literally plead the fifth regarding its origin, the President himself is taking to the soapbox to call these cowards to the carpet.

“President Trump on Saturday called for his own Justice Department to publicly release who paid for a salacious dossier that includes unverified allegations about his connections with Russia.

“In an afternoon tweet, the president drew attention to how two officials at Fusion GPS, a political research firm behind the dossier, invoked the Fifth Amendment before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

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“’Officials behind the now discredited “Dossier” plead the Fifth,’ the president tweeted. ‘Justice Department and/or FBI should immediately release who paid for it.’

“The dossier, authored by former British spy Christopher Steele, claims that the Russian government had collected compromising information on Trump for several years. The document was circulated among journalists in 2016 and provided to the FBI.”

These shock and awe tactics are all that the left has been reduced to in the wake of Trump’s triumphant presidency, and the desperation with which they continue to grasp at straws is extraordinarily pathetic.

President Trump has been accused of many, many wild things by the radical left; a reality that truly exemplifies the sickening nature of the President’s political enemies.  While Trump works to make America great again, a large swath of the nation looks to the burn the entire nation to the ground under his feet.

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