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Trump Has ‘Evolved’ on These Four Major Issues Since Cruz Dropped Out

Today is an interesting day. West Virginia and Nebraska vote in the first primaries/caucuses since [score]Ted Cruz[/score] left the race. But we must remember, Cruz only suspended his campaign. “Suspension” is politician talk for “I’m still holding on to my delegates.”

Nebraska is very favorable territory for [score]Ted Cruz[/score], while West Virginia is more Trump country. However, the billionaire himself said at a rally Thursday in West Virginia:

“What I want you to do is save your vote–you know, you don’t have to vote anymore. Save your vote for the general election, okay? Forget this one. The primary is gone…”

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Since Cruz suspended his campaign, Trump has also said and done some things that his more casual supporters may find troubling.

Trump changed his position on raising the minimum wage

During one of the Republican debates on Fox Business Network, moderator Neil Cavuto asked Trump if he was sympathetic to protesters who were demanding a $15/hour minimum wage. Then the following exchange occurred:

TRUMP: “I can’t be…We’re not gonna be able to compete against the world. I hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is.”

CAVUTO: “So, do not raise the minimum wage?”

TRUMP: “I would not raise the minimum.”

But when “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos asked Trump about the minimum wage on Sunday, the mogul said:

“I am looking at it, and I haven’t decided in terms of numbers, but I think people have to get more.”

But that’s not all. Monday morning, Trump spoke with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, and told her something different:

“On the minimum wage, I would like to leave it to the states…I think something should happen. $7.25 is not good.”

Trump walked back his tax plan

Once again, at the same Fox Business Debate, Trump touted his tax plan, saying it would be a “tremendous plan” that would make our country “dynamic.” He’s repeatedly referenced the praise his plan received from CNBC’s Larry Kudlow.

But speaking with George Stephanopoulos Sunday, Trump said the wealthy, who would have received a tax break along with everyone else in his original plan, would end up paying more:

“They will go up a little bit…by the time it’s negotiated, they’ll go up.”

Trump made similar remarks on “Meet the Press” as well.

Trump will no longer be self-funding

After he became the presumptive nominee, Trump announced Wednesday that he won’t be self-funding his general election campaign:

“I’ll be putting up money, but won’t be completely self-funding.”

Trump hired a former Goldman Sachs man to help him fundraise

The Daily Wire reports:

“Trump has hired Steve Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management LP and former Goldman Sachs partner, to head up his fundraising team. Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management LLC.”

If these changes trouble you as a voter, you may want to consider voting for Ted Cruz today, and in the remaining primaries.

If Trump’s self-funding and his endless attacks on [score]Ted Cruz[/score] for his “Goldman Sachs connections” are part of the reason you support Trump, those reasons are gone. If you really liked Trump’s tax plan, and the idea that he wasn’t going to hose the wealthier among us like Hillary wants to do, that’s also out the window. If you believe that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs, and you liked that Trump stood firmly against such an increase, that’s gone as well.

In a matter of days, many things have changed. If you’re a Trump supporter who’s uncomfortable with his recent metamorphosis, then consider voting for Cruz. He’s still on the ballot, and he can still win. 70 delegates are up for grabs today, and another 375 after that.

Think about it.

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