The Trump Effect Made Christmas Sales Great Again, Despite the Fake News Media’s Refusal to Accept It

What a difference a president makes. We’ve been saying that a lot, lately, and it is no less true when looking at how great sales numbers came in for the Christmas season this year. Fueled by a rediscovered confidence in America, the retail sector grew like gangbusters after eight years of paucity during the dark days of the Obama regime.

According to reports, retailers are reveling in record sales stats to the tune of $598 billion as of Christmas Eve.

Even the Drudge Report, no great fan of President Trump, gave big credit to the New York businessman with a Monday headline reading “GREAT AGAIN: RETAILERS FEEL CHRISTMAS CHEER.”

Many Americans feel a palpable difference in the air in this, the era of Trump. Gone is Obama’s claim that jobs will never come back to America and that we have to just accept that the nation will never again be able to see higher than a lowly 2 percent growth rate.

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Take New York real estate developer Steven Witkoff, for instance. Witkoff recently announced that he was going to re-start a multibillion-dollar Las Vegas casino/hotel project because of the passage of Trump’s tax reform bill.

“You can just feel it,” Witkoff said about the new confidence in the US. “You can feel the pent-up fervor that’s happening out there, and it hasn’t even seeped through the system yet. And I’m not a Republican ideologue, for God’s sake.”

But, even as the people of the country and the business sector can feel a major difference between the sour Obama years and the bright new era of Trump, not a single story about holiday retail sales credited the president.

Just look at how the fake news handled the good news:

CBS News, for one, noted that the retail sector saw a bonus this year and even quoted a business owner as saying “This is literally the best season since before the recession.” But the name of the president was nowhere to be seen.

The Associated Press also reported the happy news for this year’s sales figures writing, “Experts have issued rosy forecasts for the season. Shoppers seemed to be in the mood with unemployment at a 17-year low and consumer sentiment at its highest level since 2000.”

And why have those “experts” made these rosy predictions? The AP doesn’t mention Trump as the prime reason.

Even the Wall Street Journal avoided mentioning President Trump’s name in its report on the sales boom.

“Fueled by high consumer confidence and a robust job market,” the WSJ wrote, “U.S. retail sales in the holiday period rose at their best pace since 2011, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse, which tracks both online and in-store spending.”

One word explains where all this confidence came from and it’s “Trump.” But the Journal is silent on that matter.

The media’s refusal to credit Trump may be one reason his poll numbers are still low — or at least could be a contributing factor. But one has to ask, would all these media outlets have excluded Obama’s name if all this largess was realized during his presidency?

It is easy to answer that question, of course. If Obama was still president (or if, God forbid, Hillary had won the 2016 election) and we had all these wonderful economic numbers roll in, every media outlet would be screaming from the rooftops that the only reason we have had such good fortune is because of the president’s policies.

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