Trump Effect

The Trump Effect Just SHATTERED A 45 Year Old Record For …

The CEO-in-Chief has done it again this week, as the nation rejoices over yet another massive win in the economy.

No, we’re not talking about the stock market’s ability to bounce back from some of the strangest trading days that we’ve seen in some time, but, instead, we are referring to President Trump’s promise to bring jobs back to our great nation.

Having one of the most enigmatic businessmen behind the desk in the Oval Office has had a profound effect on our nation, who for literally centuries has been ruled by politicians of the most egregious kind.  Sure, there were spurts of reality over the course of the last 250+ years, but President Trump is something entirely different than we’ve ever seen before.

The sheer success of his personal businesses has transformed our economy from a weary, teetering mess of fickle financial gambling into a steam engine of economic extremes.  Not only is consumer confidence sheering off the trepidation of 8 years under Obama, but Americans are getting back to work in record numbers, as evidenced by an incredible statistic revealed today.

“The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell last week, dropping to its lowest level in nearly 45 years as the labor market tightened further, bolstering expectations of faster wage growth this year.

“The second straight weekly decline in claims reported by the Labor Department on Thursday also pointed to strong job growth momentum, which could further drive the unemployment rate lower.

“‘The extremely low level of claims is a sign of tightness in the labor market and suggests that February is shaping up to be another solid month for job creation,’ said John Ryding, chief economist at RDQ Economics in New York.

“Initial claims for state unemployment benefits decreased 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 221,000 for the week ended Feb. 3, the Labor Department said. Claims fell to 216,000 in mid-January, which was the lowest level since January 1973.

“Economists polled by Reuters had forecast claims rising to 232,000 in the latest week. Last week marked the 153rd straight week that claims remained below the 300,000 threshold, which is associated with a strong labor market. That is the longest such stretch since 1970, when the labor market was much smaller.”

The left will likely attempt to commandeer this success as a leftover effect of the Obama presidency, but there is little evidence to show that this is the case.

Trump has now been in office for over a year, and the unexpected nature of this news belies the sudden nature of the impetus.

Plus, surely the left would be preemptively claiming that these figures would have been forthcoming had they been able to predict Obama’s successes, instead of only retroactively redistributing these accomplishments away from President Trump.

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