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Trump Effect Hits GOP Fundraising, Surpasses Obama’s 6 Month Mark

President Trump is proving himself, time and again, to be an enigma in the world of modern politics.

The unconventional President was considered an absolute long shot early in the race for the White House, with pundits openly laughing at guests and politicians who believed that Trump would stand a chance against the corrupt Clinton machine.  Of course, we now know who had the last laugh in that regard.

Now, as the Trump Train continues rolling through Washington D.C., a number of shocking revelations have come to light regarding the popular nature of the Commander in Chief; not the least of which are the astonishing republican party fundraising figures being spawned by the Trump Effect.

“The Republican National Committee is touting some big fundraising numbers bolstered by President Trump’s appeal with his base, including small donors.

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“The $75 million-plus brought in by the party in the first six months of this year is more than double the amount that Democrats raised during Barack Obama’s first six months, ABC reported.

“‘Our base loves the president,’ RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel said this morning.

“McDaniel told Bill Hemmer that Republican voters want Congress to support the president’s agenda and voters backed Trump because they believed he would fight for them.

“She said Trump’s persistence on replacing ObamaCare is an example of Trump showing that he’ll fight for those who support him.

“‘Why should Washington give up on health care relief when Americans are still hurting,’ she asked. “

This encouraging statistic is bolstered by the fact that the President has been under constant liberal attack from the moment that he announced his candidacy, and those attacks only gained ferocity after inauguration day.

Now, just over 6 months into the President’s first term, Trump is facing unprecedented opposition both from the democrats who have always despised him, and from turncoat republicans who have openly admitted their “resistance” to his agenda.  Senator John McCain’s vehement disdain for President Trump has been a focal point of the traitorous shift, and only acts to underscore the truly impressive reality of these fundraising statistics.

Try as they might, the left will continue to find a difficult road ahead in their anti-Trump campaigns, as Americans wholeheartedly line up to support the man who promised them he would make America great again.  They’ll support him not only with their words and votes, but, apparently, with their wallets as well.

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