Trump Effect Hits Border, Illegal Immigration Plummets in America


Donald Trump made several campaign promises during his epic battle against the corrupt Hillary Clinton in 2016, but none was more prevalent than his vow to stem illegal immigration to America.

While campaigning for the position that he eventually won, President Donald Trump promised We The People that he would build a “big, beautiful wall” between the United States and Mexico to curb the massive influx of illegal aliens into our nation.  While that wall has been stymied by liberal detractors and legal proceedings, the mere thought of renewing our national sovereignty while enforcing the rule of law has already had a profound effect on America’s immigration scheme.

As it turns out, the mere thought that America would enforce these necessary laws is enough to deter the casual gatecrasher. 

“Apprehensions of people trying to sneak into the United States, seen as an indicator of the total flow of undocumented immigrants, dropped to 16,600 in March, down 30 percent from February and 64 percent from a year ago.

“Kelly told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security that there was even a sharper fall in the number of families and unaccompanied children crossing the border.

“’We’ve seen an absolutely amazing drop in the number of migrants coming out of Central America,’ he said.

“’In particular we have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of families, the number of children.’

“The decline comes after a surge in the last three months of 2016 that appeared to be a reaction to the looming crackdown Trump promised in his presidential campaign.

“Trump has pledged to expel the estimated 11-12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, the largest portion of them from Mexico.”

Donald Trump has been targeted by the progressive left for the entirety of his fledgling presidency, with the #Resistance movement leading the way.  What these numbers indicate, however, is that the ideas expounded by the Commander in Chief are powerful in their own right, and, regardless of liberal intervention, the world has taken notice of the will of the American people.

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