Donald Trump

Trump Effect Helps to Shed THOUSANDS of Non-Essential Gov’t Jobs

The American people saw something in Donald Trump that the Washington elite was hoping that they never would.

Namely, that Trump had promised the nation to sensibly trim the fat in the nation’s capital, returning prosperity to the people through the elimination of unnecessary government spending.  While many played along with the soon-to-be President’s radical plans, they were secretly, and rightfully, nervous for their own fate in the shakeup.

Now that Donald Trump has spent over 6 months in office, it has become very apparent that Washington D.C. was not ready for an unconventional leader such as himself.  The Beltway establishment has bristled and hissed at every stroke of the President’s pen, struggling to justify their own jobs as Trump continues to drain the swamp.

Just how many of these unnecessary pencil pushers has The Donald eliminated?  The answer lies in the thousands – a good sign for the American people whose tax dollars are now being rerouted out of the extraneous war chests of these former nobodies.

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“The Trump administration has shed nearly 11,000 federal employees during its first six months, reversing a two year trend of gains throughout the executive branch.

“A July jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday showed non-postal federal agencies employed 2,188,900 workers at the end of the month, down 2,200 from June and 10,700 from January, when Trump took office. President Trump has prioritized shrinking the civilian workforce, issuing an executive order — and follow up guidance through the Office of Management and Budget — calling on agencies to develop short and long-term strategies to cut employees. Agencies turned in preliminary drafts for those plans on June 30, which also required leaders to spell out what steps they have already taken to trim their rolls.

“Not since 2013 have federal agencies slashed jobs on such a large scale. That was when sequestration, triggered by the 2011 Budget Control Act, forced agencies to take drastic measures to cut costs. Agencies shed nearly 57,000 jobs that year, the largest drop off in any single year since 1997. The federal government began making net hiring gains again in mid 2014, and added nearly 50,000 employees in 2015 and 2016 combined.”

While this sort of downsizing is precisely what the American people demanded when they elected Donald Trump to lead them, Washington isn’t exactly thrilled.

The establishment cronies of the Washington elite have been brimming with fury over these moves, as they are no longer safe suckling at the federal teat with Trump swinging such a large axe.  This has caused a resentment among D.C. insiders and long-term legislators alike, who are seeing the end of the road for their comfortable ride.  The spread of the liberal “resistance” to the republican party can certainly be traced to these massive moves by the Commander in Chief, and the American people must absolutely stand resolute in their decision to don The Donald as their fearless leader.

Only when these cantankerous Washington brats understand that We The People sign their paychecks can balance be truly restored to the nation’s power struggle.


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