Trump Effect

TRUMP EFFECT: CEO-in-Chief Helps Stave Off Unkind Utility Bills

There are a great many advantages to the current situation in the Oval Office, not the least of which has had incredible effects for our nation’s economic state.

President Donald Trump is unique in a myriad of ways, but his personal background sets him apart from all other Presidents.  You see, Trump had no previous political experience, nor had he served in the military.  Instead, Trump spent his time perfecting the craft of business – something that he was internationally known for decades before he even considered living in The West Wing.

But, here he is.  His presence itself was enough to spur a bit of a boom in the American economy, as corporations large and small recognized a man after their own heart in office.  That’s not to say that Trump is shilling for the Big Industry types – nothing seems further from the truth at the moment – instead, he is simply a catalyst for excess cash that has jumpstarted a rocket into American prosperity.

When the economy at large does well, so do the average Americans.  Such is certainly the case as we examine what The Trump Effect has done for our cost of living.

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A new report finds that electric, gas, and water rates have fallen across the country due to the tax cuts put in place by President Donald Trump and the GOP.

The review of 102 utilities across the nation by Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) finds that Trump’s tax cuts mean “lower utility bills for Americans.”

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act cut the corporate rate from 35% to 21%. Utility companies are passing on the tax savings in the form of lower rates for customers,” ATR wrote on June 7.

ATR went on to detail the rate reductions in states such as Florida, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, thirty-seven other states, and the District of Columbia.

For instance, the low-tax advocacy group found that Tampa Electric in Tampa, Florida, announced the company would not raise rates to pay for its work to restore facilities due to the destruction Hurricane Irma caused because the tax cuts helped make up the difference.

This will surely come as welcome news for the nation, as 8 years of Obama-era policies have certainly put a strain on the wallet.

Hopefully, with these costs diminishing, we will also begin to see a lessening of healthcare costs…something that has been completely suffocating a great many of our fellow countrymen in 2018.

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