The Trump Economy is Booming

President Trump was in West Virginia on Thursday revealing that Governor Jim Justice would be switching party affiliation, but also to talk about our economy.

The President likely picked West Virginia for this week’s rally because the state has suffered more than most under Democrat leadership over the last two decades.

President Obama and the Democrat Party have been in an all-out war against coal (specifically, and mining in general), manufacturing, and the mostly white lower-middle class.

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This Democrat tactic of hammering away at the very foundation of our economic well being (both people and products) led to President Trump’s stunning 2016 victory in state’s like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The President made sure to highlight the good economic news at his rally saying;

 “Economic growth has surged to 2.6 percent nationwide. Nobody thought that number was going to happen.

Unemployment is at a 16 year low – But don’t forget, and I will never forget, the millions and millions of people out there that want jobs that don’t register on the unemployment rolls because they gave up looking for jobs.

Since our election, not my, since our election, we’ve added more than one million new jobs, and the good news keeps pouring in.”

The President’s comments were prescient as the July job numbers were then released on Friday and they offered more support for the President’s optimism.

From the Daily Caller:

The U.S. economy added 209,000 new jobs in July, soundly beating Wall Street expectations, according to the jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday.

The unemployment rate returned to a 16-year historic low, ticking down from 4.4 percent to 4.3 percent.

The labor force participation rate remained virtually unchanged at 62.9 percent during President Donald Trump’s sixth full month in office, continuing to trend at its lowest rate since the late 1970s.

The 209,000 jobs figure beat expectations of 180,000, and the unemployment figure suggests that individuals seeking work are able to find it, with the 4.3 percent figure reflecting natural turnover in the jobs market.

July was a good month and the numbers beat the projections, but it was a slight let down after the great economic month the nation enjoyed in June.

I wonder if the mainstream media will find the time to talk about the economic turnaround we’re seeing or if they’ll simply keep their sights focused on any bit of negative news they can find?

I’m starting to wonder how much good news the media can ignore before the American people simply tune out the media chatter?

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