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Trump Echoes Kennedy With Intelligence Community Comments

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At the highest levels of Washington DC, a complicated game is being played.

The young Qanon cultists like to think of it as “4D chess”; an absurdly complex, almost quantum-puzzle version of a game etched heavily into the record of human history.  This analogy is exorbitant and exaggerated…but, then again, so is everything over there on the Q side of the tracks.

No, I don’t think what we’re seeing in Washington is anymore than a culling of the herd.  We examine who is and isn’t performing the duties assigned to them, and we make them find some other duties to perform.  Probably in the private sector.

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In the case of the CIA, FBI, and the intelligence community as a whole, there have been some serious lapses worth mentioning, not the least of which is the gaping hole in the handcuffs where Hillary Clinton’s wrists are supposed to be.

President Trump hasn’t been shy about calling out the three letter agencies in recent weeks, and in Indiana, he was practically irate.

President Trump on Thursday night seemingly issued an ultimatum to the Justice Department and the FBI – either they “start doing their job” or he will “get involved.”

The president’s pointed remarks came as he took the stage at a rally in Indiana in support of GOP Senate candidate Mike Braun, who is seeking to unseat Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly.

“All I can say is, our Justice Department and our FBI, at the top of each because inside they have incredible people, but our Justice Department and our FBI have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now because people are angry,” Trump said. “What’s happening is a disgrace. And at some point, I wanted to stay out, but at some point if it doesn’t straighten out properly, I want them to do their job, I will get involved and I’ll get in there if I have to.”

He went on to say it was “disgraceful” and that “the whole world is watching.”

For many, the tone of Trump’s message may seem eerily familiar.

President John F. Kennedy was often quoted as saying that he wished to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces” and “scatter it to the wind”.  While the exact verbiage of the actual exchange may have been lost to time, it was universally recognized that this would not have been out of character for the soon-to-be-assassinated Commander in Chief.

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