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Trump Drops ENORMOUS Truth Bomb, Decimating DC Swamp!

The “swamp” that President Trump promised to drain on the campaign trail is now working overtime in order to stymy the President’s every move, with a number of horrifically anti-American actions simultaneously in motion.

First, there are the protesters attempting to derail the hearings that will help to confirm Supreme Court appointee Brett Kavanaugh, which carry with them the startling realization that some of these ruffians are nothing more than paid thugs whose actions are simply meant to sow the seeds of discord within the nation.

Then, on top of that obstructionist noise, the New York Times has published an editorial, supposedly from inside the White House, that outlines a clandestine “resistance” working covertly in the West Wing to disrupt the Trump agenda.  Of the actions allegedly taken by this coup-inspired group, the most egregious seems to be the removal of official government documents from the desk of the President himself…an act so worrisome that the President himself has taken to Twitter to blast this new mutation of anti-conservative vitriol.

And this is exactly right.  All that the “resistance” has proven through their pedantic political grandstanding is that, yes, they really are out to get the President.  The veil has been wholly lifted, and We The People were correct all along:  Our nation and our President, fairly elected, is under attack from the “swamp” or the “Deep State”, (whichever term you prefer), and we must unite as a nation to put an end to this subversion of the American people’s will.

This tweet is very nearly a call to arms, figuratively speaking, and emphasizes the true nature of the anti-American leftist rhetoric perfectly.

They may have this week’s media battle, but the left has started a whole new war with their antics, and they are not likely to walk away unscathed.

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