Robert Mueller

Trump Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Mueller and He Is FURIOUS

Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition has been dragging along for months at this point, with no evidence of Russia-Trump collusion to show for themselves.

This isn’t an unexpected realization by any means, given that the entire probe was instigated by a wild rumor invented by the democrats to attempt to sway the general election back in November.  Who honestly believes that Donald Trump, American business icon and one of the world’s most famous men before becoming President, would have sold his soul to the Kremlin in order to defeat an already doomed Hillary Clinton for the White House?

Trump’s takedown of Clinton was a slam dunk, and furthermore, it was seen coming from a mile away.  There was simply no need to call up Vladimir Putin and ask for help.

Still, the liberal left insisted that there was certainly some collusion, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller got to work.

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In the ensuing weeks, (and weeks and weeks), Mueller has committed himself to the “spray and pray” method of investigation, feebly attempting every possible angle in order to come up with something, anything of substance.  So far, all that he has is one plea deal with Michael Flynn that doesn’t even bear any resemblance to collusion, nor does it involve the President.

That has Trump thinking ahead, and cutting off Mueller at the knees.

“President Donald Trump briefly spoke with reporters on Friday morning before his visit to the FBI headquarters in Quantico.

“President Trump slammed the FBI corruption and collusion that is now evident at the bureau. President Trump said it was ‘a shame’ what has happened to the FBI in the past few years.

“A reporter asked POTUS Trump if he was considering a pardon for General Flynn. The president was coy as he answered the reporter.

“’About Michael Flynn…would you consider a pardon for Michael Flynn?’ a reporter asked President Trump.

“’I don’t want to talk about pardons for Michael Flynn yet. We’ll see what happens. Let’s see,’ President Trump said.

“Trump then went on to point out how angry the public is after corruption and conflicts of interest in the FBI and DOJ was exposed.”

This will certainly elicit wild and ugly response from the radical left, who have so far failed to understand the malignancy of Mueller’s extended and nonsensical investigation.

Some will certainly cry for impeachment, given that this particular behavior has occurred at the drop of a hat, previously.  Others will believe that this in and of itself is some sort of “proof” of Trump’s complicity in Flynn’s actions.

In reality, this is President Trump saving taxpayers from paying for any further judicial expenses after an already bloated and extended investigation into imaginary liberal fantasies.

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