Trump Did In One Year What Establishment Couldn’t in SIX DECADES

Now is as good a time as any to remind the “resistance” and the turncoat republicans that they openly scoffed at the idea of Donald Trump as President, and overtly lambasted the idea that he could possibly be successful in the role.

You see, the establishment politicians of the United States believed wholeheartedly that their club was safe.  They believe that no outsider could possibly weasel their way into the plateaus of American politics without first committing whatever heinous act the powers that be all share guilt in.

Let’s, for a moment, stop pretending that the D.C. elite aren’t all engaged in something horrific behind the scenes.  When the going gets tough, or their secret sins are in danger of being exposed, we begin to see a breakdown of the charade that partisan politics has become.  This capitulation and cooperation is always, always accompanied by an urgent sense of fear in the body language of these downtrodden compromisers.

Pundits play this off as a look of defeat, but it is much more than that.  It is a look of shame.  It is the look of a man who once sold his soul to the devil, and has had Lucifer himself scold him for forgetting about their Faustian pact.  It’s embarrassment, guilt, and shame.  Not defeat.

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So, when Donald Trump announced his run for the role of Commander in Chief of these United States, the elite establishment chuckled to themselves, prepared some popcorn, and sat back to watch what was sure to be an historic crash and burn, framed against the businessman’s enormous pop-culture backdrop.

Then, as Trump began to infiltrate this club by being successful in the early stages of the 2016 campaign, we experienced a marked upturn in the vociferousness of the establishment’s attacks.  No longer were they simply rolling out previously seen gaffes and guffaws, but actively unearthing lost-to-time instances of uncouth, a la the Access Hollywood debacle and the prostitute-laden Steele Dossier.

You see, the left thought that these two instances of vulgar and blatant character assassination would be enough to end the chances of businessman Trump transforming into President Trump.  Much to their surprise, these tactics failed based not solely on their social merit, but also in the face of an awakening America.  Trump’s mere presence on the campaign trail was like a meteor strike to the backyard of the status quo.

One such moment in which then-candidate Trump absolutely eviscerated the national political standard came in an early republican debate when speaking about campaign finance reform:

“Well I’ve given him plenty of money”.

Let that sink in for a moment:  In a nationally televised debate, Donald Trump openly called Rand Paul a hypocrite for taking donations from he, himself, Donald Trump.  Trump literally just blew the entire charade wide open.  Of course Rand Paul doesn’t care where his money comes from, because Rand Paul is not in Washington D.C. as a civil servant, but as a self-promoting lifetime politician whose influence has been for sale from the start of his career.

Trump had already started a bit of a feud with Paul in an earlier debate, claiming that he was lucky to have been selected, given his horrific polling numbers.

That is to say:  The two weren’t awfully chummy at this point in their careers, and the reason being was that Rand Paul was gaming the political system for personal gain, and Donald Trump was openly declaring that he was planning to flip over the entire table and reset the pieces.  Paul’s establishment was in trouble thanks to the blunt nature of Trump’s dialogue here.

When Trump did finally ascend to the Oval Office, a great many of his previous critics were forced to change their tune, and quickly; Rand Paul being one of them on a great many subjects.


There has even been some lighthearted humor:


And while not all of the President’s former enemies are ready to make light of their previous misjudgments, a great many of them are about to be eating crow on his political skills.

Believe it or not, President Trump may have just made more progress in dealing with North Korea than any other human being in the last 65 years.

Ever since the Korean War came to a standstill in 1953, the North Koreans have absolutely loathed Americans, due to our allegiance with the South Korean efforts during the war.  For this involvement, the North Korean government began a long tradition of isolation, openly rewriting history within their educational and social systems in order to foment hatred for the United States as the evil overlords of the world.  They also created a divine dynasty in the Kim family, murderous supreme leaders who openly employ the use of concentration camps in order to quell political dissidence.

The latest member of this malfeasant mob is Kim Jong Un, the young, pie-faced dictator who is obsessed with American basketball, and who has befriended NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman.


North Korea
The two are regular peas in a pod.

Now, if Dennis Rodman can’t fix the American-North Korean relationship, then how in the world is Donald Trump going to?  (Yes, that was sarcasm).

As it turns out, when it comes to pressuring North Korea into submission, you have to take away their favorite currency:  Conflict.

You see, Kim Jong Un just loves dramatic recreations of American cities being wiped out in a nuclear holocaust.  He’s infatuated with cartoon representations of himself besting Donald Trump, the “dotard” – a word that Kim likely chose in order to sound older than he is.  By beating him at rhetoric, as Donald Trump so thoroughly has, Kim Jong Un has been forced to shrink back into his shell, and take a look around his mess of a country.  In doing so, he likely realized just what his own reckless vitriol was doing to his people.

North Korea is feeling the sting of UN sanctions that were spearheaded by President Trump’s brutish and eloquent United Nation’s Ambassador Nikki Haley; a woman who has not once ever minced a single syllable, let alone a whole word, on the subject of the hermit kingdom.

This has North Koreans eating grass from city parks, and feeding their families with weeds from the side of the road.

Just how bad is it:

“Forty-one percent of North Koreans, about 10.5 million people, are undernourished, and 28 percent of children under 5 years old have stunted growth.”

These numbers are staggering, and, sadly, completely preventable.

A denuclearization of the nation would lead to an immediate lifting of nearly every sanction that North Korea faces, allowing the communist regime to at least feed some of these severely starved citizens.  The real question is, will they ever willingly give up their nukes?

The answer seems to be “yes”, but only now that President Donald Trump has laid down the law.

“North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has told South Korean envoys he is willing to negotiate with the United States on abandoning his country’s nuclear weapons, officials from the South said Tuesday. Mr. Kim also said he would suspend all nuclear and missile tests while such talks were underway, they said.

“President Trump reacted with guarded optimism to the news, which potentially represented a major defusing of one of the world’s tensest confrontations.

“During the envoys’ two-day visit to Pyongyang, the North’s capital, which ended on Tuesday, the two Koreas also agreed to hold a summit meeting between Mr. Kim and President Moon Jae-in of South Korea on the countries’ border in late April, Mr. Moon’s office said in a statement.

“’The North Korean side clearly stated its willingness to denuclearize,’the statement said. ‘It made it clear that it would have no reason to keep nuclear weapons if the military threat to the North was eliminated and its security guaranteed.’”

Now, as Rand Paul and others still struggle to decide just how they feel about Donald Trump the President, the no-experience politician may have just solved the biggest obstacle to international diplomacy we’ve seen in our lifetime, with only a year of work under his belt.

How the left will attempt to spin this will be a delightful example of their semantic gymnastics.  Now, perhaps it is our turn to sit back, relax, and pop some popcorn.

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