Trump Trounces Mid-East Wars, Reveals Better Use of U.S. Resources

President Trump has vowed to continue on his independent streak while in the Oval Office this week by blasting previous administrations’ love of sending troops, tanks, and cash to the Middle East.

In a move that is sure to be applauded by fiscal conservatives and libertarians alike, the 45th President of these United States has taken a bold approach to the seemingly nonstop flow of American troops and resources to the Middle East, blasting the innumerable conflicts of the region as a waste of money.

And he’s certainly not wrong:  America has spent billions in the middle eastern quagmire of religious radicalism, opium production, and third world industrial oil.  Sure, the regional resources are rich and it doesn’t hurt to have a hand in the efficiency of those industries, but at what cost?

Many in the United States have been clamoring for a return home for these brave men and women of the Armed Forces, citing that these wars have been ongoing for nearly a decade and a half.

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Trump is listening, and is now vowing to divert American money away from the region in order to, instead, bolster the failing infrastructure of our nation.

“President Donald Trump unveiled his $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan on Monday at the White House, criticizing the amount of money wasted in the Middle East before he was presdient.

“He estimated that the United States had spent $7 trillion in the Middle East, calling it a ‘mistake.’

“’It’s crazy… $7 trillion in the Middle East, and the Middle East is far worse now than it was 17 years ago when they went in,’ Trump said. ‘And not so intelligently, I have to say, went in. I’m being nice.’

“As part of his plan, Trump said that the administration would accelerate the permitting process for state and local projects.”

 “’Washington will no longer be a roadblock to progress,’ he said. ‘Washington will now be your partner.’”

Just how much moolah is the President willing to throw at our nation’s crumbling roads, bridges, and utilities?

“The plan proposes $200 billion in federal funds that would encourage at least $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments through state and local funding as well as private investment.”

While the strictest of libertarians will likely add their own addendum to the story by pushing the cost of these repairs on down to the state level, it is difficult to deny that this move is a massive step in the right direction as far of federal spending goes.

The move comes just days after the President was rebuked by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky on the subject of a possible 4th of July military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.  Paul, son of libertarian powerhouse Ron Paul, suggested instead that the President bring home the troops from the Middle East and hold a parade for them instead.

Perhaps the President was listening all along.

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