Trump Debate Performance Strong Enough to Defeat Hillary

The second Trump debate performance was his strongest yet.

The pundits I listen to, even the ones I trust have it completely wrong all believe that Trump won the second debate. Hillary’s opposition research on Trump was devastating?  It didn’t matter. During the debate performance, he was calm and deliberate.  Did you notice how Trump never yelled? Trump’s demeanor was completely calm and he landed so many punches on Hillary that she couldn’t stay on message.

I don’t understand why some pundits think that Trump’s strong debate performance won’t matter in the end. The idea is that there’s just too much overwhelming opposition research against Trump waiting in the wings. The left also believes that bringing up Bill Clinton only helps Hillary.

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But the truth is, bringing up Bill Clinton is diffusing Trump’s secret audio tapes.

The Trump debate performance is the first time Republicans drew blood in a presidential debate in a long time.

Remember Candy Crowley? Unfortunately, we all cringed when Romney was unable to fight Candy Crowley and Obama. To his credit, Trump man handled 2 media pukes plus Hillary.  It was something. Trump was on offense the entire debate. George W Bush was unable to draw the amount of blood that was drawn in this debate.  When was the last time a Republican completely turned the questions against the media?  Every time Hillary and the media went after Trump’s women issues, he pounced on Hillary’s foreign policy. He never let her up for air at all. Consequently, Trump never got upset.

There will not be enough opposition research to sink Trump. The Trump debate performance was the tip of the iceberg.

Trump has proved that he can move polls. Consequently, it won’t matter what they have on tape with Trump. There’s too much anger. The anger generated at this debate is completely directed at the Clinton Obama foreign policy. Pundits don’t realize how much ground Trump truly covered in this debate. Elected Republican outrage won’t matter. Opposition research against Trump won’t matter. It’s proven that Trump is ready for this. He’s got more in his arsenal that he is ready to use against her.

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