Cruz and Trump

Trump and Cruz Are Both Going Back on Their Word [VIDEO]

Despite the stakes, Trump and Cruz are both reneging on their promises to unify the GOP.

It is not that often that I agree with Newt Gingrich, but I hope Trump and Cruz both listen to him. (I’m referring to the first part of the interview, not the stuff about Hillary and the FBI).

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I have to wonder if Gingrich is being too optimistic. It seems that neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz is acting like an adult in this case. According to the Washington Times,

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Tuesday he’s revoking his vow to support the party’s eventual nominee and said he’s freeing Sen. Ted Cruz from his own promise to back Republicans’ candidate.

“He doesn’t have to support me. I really don’t believe I need his support,” Mr. Trump said in a town hall from Wisconsin hosted by CNN.

Minutes earlier, Mr. Cruz had declined to stand by the firm pledge he, Mr. Trump and the rest of the GOP field took last year to back the eventual winner of the primary.

Pressed by host Anderson Cooper, Mr. Cruz said things have changed, and said his goal is now to make sure he doesn’t have to face that choice.

“The answer to that is to beat him at the ballot box,” Mr. Cruz said.

The order of these sentences seems odd to me. First, we are told that Trump reneged on “his vow to support the party’s eventual nominee.” Then we are told that Cruz did the same thing. But Cruz did it first, “minutes earlier.”

But, whoever started it, their present impasse is stupid and wrong. Both Trump and Cruz are running as Republican candidates and took on certain obligations as part of the great prize they are competing for. While everyday Americans are free to refuse to support the nominee, the candidates made pledges that they benefited from.

I hope Trump and Cruz both will grow up and unite against Hillary. Furthermore, the more they war with each other, the greater the Republican establishment is empowered to force their candidate on us.

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