Obama’s Ambassador to Hungary Just Made This Absurd Statement

If you think Trump is crazy, you should compare him to what the media and the establishment consider sane.

This speech by the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary is a great example of why people are being blind to scream about how Trump is crazy. No, the establishment is crazy—homicidally and suicidally crazy.

Ambassador Coleen Bell wants several things from Hungary—not least an expansive policy of admitting and providing for Muslim refugees at the expense of Hungarian taxpayers.

In the past year, with record numbers of migrants and refugees seeking safety away from Syria and other areas of conflict, Hungary has faced difficult choices.  Let me repeat what I have said on many different occasions: Every sovereign nation has the right and an obligation to protect its borders.  But every nation, as a part of the international community, also has a fundamental obligation to help refugee populations seeking safety.  We commend the humanitarian spirit of Hungarian leaders, law enforcement and military personnel, and ordinary citizens who are responding to this crisis with generosity and compassion.  We continue to stress that any solution to these migration challenges should focus on saving and protecting lives, ensuring the human rights of all migrants are respected, and promoting orderly and humane migration policies.  That includes the support of all Member State governments for the refugee agreement forged between the EU and Turkey.

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And that is the nature of political courage – helping the many who need help, with unity and a common purpose.  It is what Keith Ellison, the first Muslim-American elected to the United States Congress, meant when he said: “Our democracy is not something to be taken for granted.  You have to fight for it.  You have to commit yourself to working for it – for the long haul.”

How exactly is submitting your borders and immigration policy to an international organization, fighting for democracy? The refugee agreement between the EU and Turkey is really a glorified suicide pact for European nations giving millions of ISIS-supporters free access to the continent and free travel within it.

Yet our Ambassador backs it and tells the Hungarian government to submit. This isn’t Bell’s statement in some private interview. This was her official speech to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament. Rather than advocating that legislators do what their constituents want, our State Department dictates policy to them. You can tell we really value democracy.

By the way, in saying, “We commend the humanitarian spirit of Hungarian leaders, law enforcement and military personnel, and ordinary citizens who are responding to this crisis with generosity and compassion,” she is attacking the majority Hungarian government. As Daniel McAdams explains at the Ron Paul Institute, “She pointedly condemned the Hungarian government position by praising those in Hungary who hold the opposite view, i.e. the Hungarian opposition.”

Washington, DC, is demanding that Europeans be endangered by their own governments using their own money.

You should see in this a reason why the entire U.S. ruling class is in a panic over the possibility of a Trump presidency. Trump, even if he doesn’t literally build a wall, has undermined our entire international message by preaching national sovereignty over our own borders. He directly contradicts what our diplomats have been ordered to tell the European nations.

In this area, Trump is completely sane. It is the status quo that is crazy.

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