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Trump Continues to Call It Like He Sees It With “Witch Hunt” Comment

President Donald J. Trump has been facing unprecedented criticism this week in Washington by employing his signature exuberance and guile.

The Commander in Chief is facing a two-headed attack as of Thursday afternoon, with former FBI Director Robert Mueller being appointed as special counsel to oversee the FBI’s current investigation into whether or not the Russian government was involved in a campaign of influence regarding the 2016 U.S. election that ended with Trump taking the White House.  Concurrently, a multitude of democrats, and even a few turncoat republicans, are now openly calling for the President’s impeachment.

Of course, Donald Trump is weathering the storm just fine, according to him.

Trump himself was not elected President by the American people to transform into another cog in the wheel of Washington-as-usual.  Quite to the contrary, Trump supporters who helped propel him to the highest office in the land elected the businessman due largely to the fact that The Donald promised them reprieve from the capital’s status quo.  His early decisions in the Oval Office have proven that, no matter how bogged down in the quagmire the government attempts to pull him, Trump will ultimately always be ready to rock the boat.

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Now, as Washington insiders begin circling the wagons to snuff out the unconventional President, Trump himself has demonstrated that he will not be going down without a fight.  His defiance shines brilliantly against the gloomy backdrop of a government gone mad, and continues to inspire his base.


And he’s not wrong.

From day one of Trump’s candidacy, the political establishment in the United States has been attempting to railroad the real estate mogul right back to his penthouse suite at Trump Tower.  It had very little to do with Trump’s policies, many of which were in line with congressional opinions.  No, what worried the Washington elite was Trump’s willingness, nearing on enthusiasm, to tell it like it is.

A vivid memory from one of the first debates, in which Donald Trump bucked the establishment by outing and owning his previous, public campaign contributions to Rand Paul was merely the tip of the boat-rocking iceberg.  And, much like other tales involving ships and gargantuan megaliths of frozen doom, the Washington elite were terrified of being turned into the band refusing to cease their songs on the deck of the Titanic.

Now, as Trump has certainly rocked the foundation of special-interest-ridden government to its core, the torches and pitchforks have been retrieved from the closet at the Watergate Hotel.  Given the substance of this latest tweet, the President will not be straying from his path and purpose in Washington for fear of being burned at the stake.

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