Trump and Clinton were Rude, Crude, and Lewd

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were reported this past week to have temperaments that are unsavory and unsuited for the presidency and to have made remarks and actions (more than a decade ago) that were rude, crude, and lewd.

First, Linda Tripp, who you may remember as a witness in the mid-90s Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and impeachment trial, was interviewed on Aaron Klein’s radio show about her days as a government employee in the White House.

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“In the Clinton White House there was endless screaming,” she recalled. “[There was] constant vulgar profanity on the part of both the President and the First Lady. And it’s hard for me to refer to her as the First Lady, frankly.” There were rumored reports that “hard objects” had been thrown at the president!

Then, in a Friday “news-dump,” there were reports and recordings of Donald Trump talking with an entertainment reporter about his insatiable attraction to beautiful women. In what he described as “locker-room-type banter,” he claimed to have kissed and grouped many women, including the female host of the show, “and she was married!”

After his campaign released a preliminary effort to belittle the incident, Trump actually acknowledged “it was wrong” and apologized on camera. It may have been too little and too late.

The Bible says, “out of the heart, the mouth speaks.” These character issues with both candidates will undoubtedly be reviewed again (and again) in the second presidential debate Sunday night, with its “town hall” format.

Meanwhile, the Bible instructs Christian believers that some things are “not fitting” for them: “…neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting…” (Ephesians 5:3-5). May the wise among us have discernment and discipline in these dark days.

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