New Fascism

Trump Censorship Hits New Jersey High School With Yearbook Photoshopping

The New Fascist movement has long targeted anything at all related to U.S. President Donald Trump, in a pathetic attempt to coerce the nation to revolt against the leader of the free world.

This new censorship movement kicked off in earnest with the chaotic riots at UC Berkeley back in February, in which liberal students proceeded to sully the reputation of their university with arson and violence in order to prevent conservative figure Milo Yiannopolous from speaking on campus.  The mere threat of a repeat performance by the leftist twerps forced the cancelation of another speaking engagement by another conservative, Ann Coulter, cementing the despicable tactic as chapter one of New Fascist handbook.

With the overarching theme of “resistance” infiltrating mainstream society, thanks to radical leftists across the nation, there has been a vile, concerted effort to simply make Donald Trump disappear from popular culture, demeaning and insulting his supporters along the way.  With the help of the liberally-controlled media, these New Fascists have been terrifyingly successful on several fronts, particularly with today’s youth.

Now, one young fan of the President in New Jersey has gotten his own taste of the Nazi-esque anti-Trump propaganda machine at work, and his parents are furious.

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“When 17-year-old Grant Berardo wanted to wear a political T-shirt on school picture day in October, his parents told him it was fine.

“His ‘TRUMP Make America Great Again!’ shirt did not violate the dress code at Wall Township High School in central New Jersey because it did not reference drugs or alcohol or weapons. Instead, it simply featured the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign slogan.

“But when the junior received his yearbook last week, he noticed something was missing from the photo: President Trump’s winning campaign slogan.

“In his yearbook photo, a copy of which was provided to The Post, Grant appears to be wearing a plain, dark-colored T-shirt.

“At least two other students at the school had similar experiences: A Trump logo was apparently edited out of junior Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago’s photo, and his sister, Montana, was missing a Trump quote that was meant to appear beneath her photo. ‘I like thinking big. If you are going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big,’ the quote read, according to CNN.”

These acts of outright censorship bear all the markings of the New Fascist movement in America, with their clandestine execution and moral ineptitude being part and parcel to the “resistance” of the left.

Once again, we find ourselves fighting not only in support of the fairly elected President of the United States, but in support of the First Amendment as well.  The left has constantly attempted to rebrand and bend this most important of rights in order to suit their own, selfish agenda.  Their hope is to create the impression that offending someone is a violation of the offended First Amendment rights, which is a total and unequivocal perversion of the truth.

When we stand up for Trump in these situations, we are truly standing up for American freedoms.

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