How the Trump Campaign Managed to Dodge WikiLeaks and Stay Above the Fray

By Alana Cook

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As Wikileaks forges ahead with damning information on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Party, the Trump campaign has remained virtually unscathed.

What the mainstream media has failed to ask is how has the Trump campaign managed to dodge the dirt? And, how, in the midst of all of the electronic turmoil, has the Trump campaign’s communications avoided being hacked?

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Until now, the answer has been a closely-guarded secret. It seems that the Trump campaign is holding the proverbial encryption Trump card.

The unknown, super-advanced encryption technology, DEAF, is according to its owner, unbreakable. The Trump campaign’s devices and a host of reporters’ devices are all protected by DEAF. Its owner, who asks to remain anonymous until after the election, said that the details of how DEAF works will forever remain an enigma.

“The only explanation I can give you to share with the public is that DEAF cloaks communications. The engineering science behind it will remain a mystery,” the owner said. “That it works has been tried and found true.”

The owner, who is in talks to sell the encryption technology to a multi-national corporation to the tune of $2 billion, said that the technology is so secure, that it would even protects against programs like Cellebrite, which was revealed to be a spying tool owned by federal agents and local law enforcement in the Apple versus FBI case earlier this year.

Privacy advocate Edward Snowden was very vocal about privacy issues in the case.

When contacted for comment on DEAF, Edward Snowden responded and said, “no comment.” But, Ret. Gen. Paul Vallely called DEAF a “masterful and much-needed IT solution for the security of emails and communications.”

So, as the Clinton campaign scrambles to plug a never-ending barrage of leaks, Mr. Trump and his advisors are putting their feet up with the confidence that their security, and the security of the United States should he be elected, is well-protected, even from those pesky Russian hackers
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