Trump Breaks Tradition and Speaks Directly to March For Life in D.C.

President Trump is not only an unorthodox President in his path to the White House and his direct line to the American people via Twitter, he is also a populist who understands the importance of life.

While many republicans have long talked a big game when it comes to being pro-life, the political reality of Washington D.C.’s swampy interior makes being and out-and-out lifer a bit more precarious than it once was.  The advent of the feminist movement, and the blurring of the lines that these liberals have executed regarding reproductive rights and women’s rights, have made abortion a far more complicated subject than it need be for lawmakers in our nation’s capital.

There is an inherent risk to all bravery, that is simply the nature of courage, but for conservatives in D.C. the abortion issue can be perilous due to the sheer volume of attacks that one can suffer from the left.

President Trump, in an effort to normalize this traditional view on life, has made a remarkable decision to speak directly to the March For Life participants – something that no sitting President has done since Reagan.

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“Today is the March for Life in Washington DC, the powerful statement made each year at the anniversary of Roe v Wade. Donald Trump will address the march today from the White House, a first in the long history of the decades-long effort to highlight the scourge of abortion and to promote hope over despair.”

And it’s not just the President who persevered today, but Congress as well:

“The Republican-controlled House got into the spirit of the March for Life today, passing on a largely party-line vote a bill that would require abortionists to provide care for babies born alive during an abortion:

“‘The House passed legislation Friday that obligates healthcare workers to provide a specific level of care to babies who are born alive after an abortion attempt.’

“‘The Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act passed the same day that the annual March for Life rally was being held in Washington, D.C., which protests abortion on or around the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion legal nationwide.’

“‘The bill passed 241-183, with help from just six Democrats.’

“‘The legislation would hold any healthcare provider at the scene criminally accountable if an abortion is botched and a baby is born, and the provider fails to help the infant. Actions they could take include bringing a baby to a hospital or using the same type of medical care that they would toward a baby that is born premature.'”

This is a huge step in the right direction for Washington, which has been under liberal control for far too long on the subject of abortion.

The left’s constant attempts to attach this binary, life or death reality to some ethical or emotional version of consciousness is anti-science at best, and amoral at worst.  Given their record on the science of gender, however, we maybe shouldn’t be so surprised that the left doesn’t understand the way biology works.

At all.

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