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Trump, the Black Vote and the Truth about Hillary

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Trump reaches for the black vote and strikes a strong chord. Trump has been on a roll in the last few weeks with his message.

Democrats, for years and years since FDR, have been wooing the black vote with free stuff. In addition, typical Democrat behavior has been promising more of the welfare state along with inciting racial tension. Trump has realized he can’t compete with offering bigger government handouts. Who really can compete with that? Because Trump can’t out handout dems, he must find a different angle. Instead Trump has taken the current political climate of violence and death in the inner cities and has offered law and order.

The Black Vote wants stability in their community.

Stability in their community means less violence. Eliminating violence is achieved through solving the issues of crime. Unemployment breeds criminal activity. Trump made the point that Hillary is stealing jobs away from African Americans and giving it to Syrian refugees.   Trump also hit Hillary hard on education. Common Core is on trial.  Poverty is on trial this election. Immigration policies are on trial this election that has helped bring upon that poverty. Trump right now is easily tying all of these themes together in his speech. He’s had moments  in the last couple of weeks where he was in the wilderness. These last couple of speeches have hit home runs for Trump. He is getting praise from people who aren’t his biggest fans for his effectiveness.

Right now Trump is fearlessly going after these problems to fight for the black vote.

Does Trump receive a huge portion of the black vote? Probably not. What he is doing with these speeches, though, is pushing back on the narrative and  indicting Hillary. Trump calls out democrat policies and what they stand for. Trump is showing how liberal ideas have destroyed the black community. He shows a direct correlation of how Obama’s policies have led to death and violence in the inner cities. Consequently, staying on this track and not getting caught in media tracks will bring Trump closer to the White House.

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