Brett Kavanaugh

Trump Backs Flake’s Move, Letting Dems Shoot Themselves in the Foot

Brilliant.  It’s purely brilliant.

While many staunch conservatives are lamenting the “caving” of Jeff Flake to the democrats on the subject of an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s high school party days, I would like to proffer a bit of a different take for us today:

This is going to blow up in the democrats’ faces….and, apparently the President realizes it too.

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Reversing course, President Donald Trump bowed to Democrats’ demands Friday for a deeper FBI investigation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after Republican Sen. Jeff Flake balked at voting for confirmation without it — a sudden turn that left Senate approval newly uncertain amid allegations of sexual assault.

Kavanaugh’s nomination had appeared back on track earlier Friday when he cleared a key hurdle at the Senate Judiciary Committee. But that advance came with an asterisk. Flake indicated he would take the next steps — leading to full Senate approval — only after the further background probe, and there were suggestions that other moderate Republicans might join his revolt.

The abrupt developments gave senators, the White House and millions of Americans following the drama at home hardly a chance to catch their breath after Thursday’s emotional Senate hearing featuring Kavanaugh angrily defending himself and accuser Christine Blasey Ford determinedly insisting he assaulted her when they were teens.

Emotions were still running high Friday, and protesters confronted senators in the halls.

“The country is being ripped apart here,” said Flake.

Now, here’s what will likely happen, and this is why everything is going to be okay:  The democrats are going to waste a week of our time and we’ll be no closer to a definitive answer as to what happened in that bedroom 36 years ago, and with whom.

The FBI is going to take witness statements, hand them over to the President and the Senate, the democrats will lose some of the ammunition they’ve been holding on to, and we will have fulfilled all of their requirements…for the umpteenth time on this particular situation.

In seven days, we’ll be right back where we are, and the democrats will no longer have any collateral to bargain with.

Now we just need to watch and see how long it takes the democrats to push back against the FBI investigation that they demanded, after they realize what a mistake they’ve made.

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