Trump Assassination Propaganda Removed From Oregon Art Gallery

As the “resistance” continues to mutate into more and more violent incarnations of itself, the idea of an assassination attempt on the President has become almost mainstream.

This, folks, is not okay, yet the liberal left is pretending as though this is completely acceptable behavior, and somehow virtuous and right.  The mainstream media is assisting in this bizarre charade as well, giving lopsided coverage to inane and pointless happenings as opposed to condemning the actions of their tribe of treacherous instigators.

The latest bit of resistance chic comes to us from Oregon, where an “art” gallery decided to go all-in on their anti-Trump propaganda.

An art gallery in Oregon removed its new display on the front of its building of President Donald J. Trump being executed.

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One Grand Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon put up the display on its front window. The gruesome display depicts the president with a knife to his neck and blood coming out of his neck and nose with the words “F**k Trump.”

The gallery claims they removed the display due to threats.

The image itself was horrific.

Warning, the uncensored graphic below is extremely disturbing.

The reactions to the “art” were swift:

The reviews for the gallery plummeted to 1.2 stars on Facebook and 1.9 on Google.

It appears this gallery’s most consistent theme is anti-Trump art. On July 13, the same art gallery hosted a “F*** You Mr. President” opening and in November of 2016 the gallery advertised an event for free mimosas and figure drawings with a graphic picture of Trump.

The art itself is quite reminiscent of the horrendous imagery employed by Kathy Griffin last year, that preceded James T. Hodgkinson’s attempted murder of the GOP charity baseball team by only two weeks.  Will this Oregon call to arms find itself with a similar, violent, radical response?  We pray that it will not, but given the track record of groups such as Antifa and others, we aren’t holding our breath for peace.

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