North Korea

Trump Administration Insider Admits Military is Prepping for North Korean Conflict

While it may have seemed obvious to some already, it is now looking official:  The White House is ready for war with North Korea.

In the months since President Donald Trump took office, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been hard at work annoying the Americans and their allies.  His constant, bratty threats against America and his provocation of the entire Korean region are nothing new, but the severity of this round of nonsense is something not seen in modern history.  Nuclear threats, missile tests, and enormous live fire drills are just the tip of the propaganda iceberg for the despotic dictatorship.

Now, with the USS Carl Vinson strike group off the coast of North Korea, and an emergency meeting at the White House that included all 100 Senators, a conflict seemed imminent, even though no official word had been given on the subject.

Today, however, it looks like we’re getting that confirmation.

“The Trump administration has been  considering military preparation options for dealing with an increasingly aggressive North Korea, according to a senior administration official.

“The top aide told reporters Wednesday that military preparations were ‘underway,’ Time reported.

“The official added that Trump has decided to pursue one course of action, as an ‘integrated effort.’

“’What you’ve seen is really an integrated effort to prioritize diplomatic and informational aspects of national power, but also what you’ll see soon is using the economic dimension of national power as well as the military preparations that are underway,'” the official said.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, declined to give additional details about what ‘military preparations’ entailed, adding that President Donald Trump had a ‘broad range of options’ to remove the threat that the North poses, the New York Daily News reported. He added that those options included increasing sanctions by working with American allies.”

North Korea, while possessing a blustery bark, has yet to convince the rest of the world that their bite is equally potent.  Massively embarrassing missile test failures, and the diminutive nature of the rhetoric being disseminated from the hermit kingdom have previously led to an outright ignoring of the North Korean threat.  Now, however, under the leadership of Donald Trump, the United States is no longer sitting idly by as our declared enemies push toward the integration of nuclear weapons.

No further details have yet emerged regarding what exactly these military preparations could entail, but rest assured, the United States should have no problem incapacitating Kim Jong Un and company.

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