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Trump Adjusts Obama-Era Drone Regulations for More Effective Combat

Donald Trump’s priorities for the United States are simple, with national security easily taking the number one spot on the list.

The President, who has been combatted at every turn by the radical left and their multitude of millennial minions, promise the nation that he would take the highest office in the land with a simple mantra:  America First.  That creed helped to win the votes needed to dethrone the democratic diva known as Hillary Clinton, and secure a place in our nation for the conservative majority that had suffered so greatly under former President Barack Obama.

In his scant 9 months in office, President Trump has worked overtime to peel back layer upon layer of Obama-era nonsense to limited success, thanks in no small part to the so-called “resistance” movement.

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Today, however, we can celebrate at least one success.

“U.S. forces in Africa this week staged what would have been an otherwise unremarkable attack against Islamic State extremists but for one key detail: The operation was the first to rely on authorities granted under the Trump administration that allow the military to conduct lethal strikes outside a designated war zone and without explicit White House approval in advance.

“An airstrike carried out on Tuesday in Libya killed “several” fighters from the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, according to a Thursday statement from U.S. Africa Command. It followed a similar drone attack last week that Trump personally approved, the first in Libya since the one President Barack Obama authorized in January the day before he stepped down from office.

“But the latest operation is unique in that it did not take place in an ‘area of active hostilities,’ a term the Obama administration used to clarify where the U.S. is and is not at war and, perhaps more importantly, where military commanders – not the president or his immediate team – would determine whether a drone strike or other deadly operation was appropriate.

“The rules that governed Tuesday’s strike show how much more power the military now has to determine where it can go after terrorist networks, and it follows recent reports that the administration seeks to to increase the authority of the military and the CIA to conduct drone operations.”

While the move certainly brings with it concerns over the possibility of an abuse of military power, the conflicts that we face today are no longer confined to any designated battlefield.

The rules of modern war are simple:  Rule #1 – There are no rules.  Rule #2 – Refer to Rule #1.

This is directly correlated to the intensity of the radical Islamic jihadists who have no desire to engage in traditional combat, relying instead on stealth and shock in targeting civilians.  Whether these caliphate forces choose to operate within an “area of active hostility” is inconsequential.  Priority number one is stopping them, whether they are in France, Fallujah, or Florida.

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