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Trump Achievements Expand Criticisms of Obama’s Sham Nobel Prize

It should be fairly obvious now, but for the sake of our coming argument we remind you that former President Barack Obama got a free pass from the press on quite a few issues.

Certainly, it was well beyond time that the nation had a President of African American descent, and only the most vile of bigots would tend to disagree with that statement.  After all, “all men are created equal”, and there is no place for racism in a nation founded upon that principle.  But, we mustn’t let the excitement of that progress taint how we view the Presidency of Barack Obama.  He was, and still is, one of the most left-leaning political operatives of our modern era, whose tactics have always been akin to those of fellow democrat Hillary Clinton.  Obama was just much better at hiding his malfeasance than Hillary was.

In one of the most absurd cases of free credit during his presidency, Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, after only having been President for less than a year.  The criticism over the award has been growing ever since, especially given that Obama presided over the deaths of an untold number of civilians in his ensuing two terms.

The US government today claimed it has killed between 64 and 116 “non-combatants” in 473 counter-terrorism strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya between January 2009 and the end of 2015.

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This is a fraction of the 380 to 801 civilian casualty range recorded by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism from reports by local and international journalists, NGO investigators, leaked government documents, court papers and the result of field investigations.

While the number of civilian casualties recorded by the Bureau is six times higher than the US Government’s figure, the assessments of the minimum total number of people killed were strikingly similar. The White House put this figure at 2,436, whilst the Bureau has recorded 2,753.

Since becoming president in 2009, Barack Obama has significantly extended the use of drones in the War on Terror. Operating outside declared battlefields, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, this air war has been largely fought in Pakistan and Yemen.

And while it may never occur, the push to revoke Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize has even gotten support from members of the Nobel Committee.

Given the recent strides being made in North Korea, under the watchful eye of President Trump, many Americans are wondering if the conservative Citizen President will be considered for a similar honor, given that he has been leading the way on the Korean Peninsula for over a year.

Even outspoken Trump critic Lindsey Graham got in on the action.

Graham said, “Okay, so here’s the deal. It wouldn’t have happened without Trump. It may not happen, but it is the biggest change since the end of the hostilities. The fact that the North Korean and South Korean presidents met, and they vowed to end the war. What happened? Donald Trump convinced North Korea and China he was serious about bringing about change. We’re not there yet but if this happens President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.”

He continued, “All of the criticism of President Trump on fire and fury and maximum pressure – I’m glad he didn’t listen to all of those who failed before him. He has convinced North Korea that you’ve got two options: you can become a normal country or we will take you down if you keep trying to build missiles to hit the American homeland and I think they convinced North Korea and China that Trump is serious. Every president before him tried this. What is different about Trump? They believe in North Korea. If he had to as a last resort, he would stop their nuclear program.”

Graham’s not wrong, but the international community certainly has no time to capitulate to a populist, republican President in the United States.

While Trump may go down in history as a massive game changer in American politics, there is little hope that he’ll ever be given the free passes that President Obama was.

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