Trump Accuser DUMPED By Famed Feminist Lawyer

If you are a part of the so-called “resistance” to the President, your life isn’t an easy one by any means.

First of all, you are waking up everyday with a painfully terse frown on your face, poo-pooing the successes of the entire nation that you call home.  It’s literally as if you’ve created your very own prison of sorrow in which you are forced to witness victory after victory by the Commander in Chief, and you just have to stand there and work at looking upset about it.

You’re about to see a huge change in your paycheck and your tax burden, yet, you will still spend every waking moment of your life attempting to disparage a man who only wants you to be successful.

Honestly, this must be exhausting.

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Now, one of these resistance rats, who was attempting to extort the President while simultaneously sullying his name, has been determined an unfit client by famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred.

Attorney Gloria Allred says she’s no longer representing a former contestant on “The Apprentice” who has accused President Donald Trump of unwanted kissing and groping.

Allred is famous for advocating for women who accuse powerful men of sexual harassment. She didn’t disclose a reason for her split with Summer Zervos.

The decision came days after a New York court said Zervos could proceed with a defamation lawsuit against the Republican president.

Zervos says Trump hurt her reputation by publicly denying her claims that he subjected her to unwanted advances.

Summer Zervos is merely the latest in a long line of angry liberals who are attempting to ride their previous acquaintance with the President into some sort of financial settlement, with adult film actress Stormy Daniels leading the charge at the current time.

For Allred, this must have created a massive moral quandary, finding herself siding with a woman who was, by default, siding with an adult film actress whose career has been a non-stop exercise in putting herself out there for objectification – something that Gloria Allred’s feminist credentials don’t jibe well with.

Furthermore, of those attempting to drag the President into court, few have been found to be credible to any degree whatsoever.  It simply isn’t in the cards for the liberal left to pin any sort of sexual deviancy on the President, despite their non-stop attempts.

The Access Hollywood tape, the Steele Dossier, Stormy Daniels, and other liberal props have all failed spectacularly, with the left relying on the shame of an allegedly failed monogamy in order to disparage the political successes of a mold-shattering populist President.

Perhaps it is the democrats’ experience with their own deviant President that made them believe that they could use this route to rankle Trump.

But, as we all learned in the fall of 2016, Trump is about as far away from being Bill Clinton as anyone else.

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