Trump 2020 Outsiders Raise MILLIONS in Unbelievable Way

When we start taking a good, hard look at exactly how much Donald Trump has accomplished in the last 18 months of being President, we find ourselves a bit awestruck.

Well, that is, for those of us looking at the facts and not being spun by the talking heads of the corporately controlled media that we find on television and in the mainstream.  These outlets have no problem with their unabashed, out-in-the-open opinions of the President being taken as fact by their viewers, yet they continue to hurl insinuations of “fake news” at those of us on the world wide web, patriotically countering them.

Remember folks, the mainstream media thinks that this is a contest for money, not a fight to keep our nation the bastion of freedom that it is.  CNN has no interest in a well oiled machine, pumping out prosperity and peace because they can’t sell that.  They need Trump to be salacious, ineffective, offensive, or just plain wrong, otherwise, why would anyone watch their stations?

So, quietly, and out of the purview of these progressive pontificators, American conservatives are making enormous moves.

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President Trump’s re-election campaign and groups backing his agenda raised nearly $33 million in just the last three months, an explosion of support driven by small donors, the groups have reported to the Federal Election Commission.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s re-election campaign raised $8.3 million and, when added to the money collected by its two associated groups, the total was $17.7 million in the second reporting quarter. The campaign has $33 million on hand.

It also sped up its shift to small donors. In the new report, it said that 98.5 percent of fundraising was from small donors, though the total was $2.3 million less than the first quarter.

And the super PAC backing the president’s agenda, America First Action and its nonprofit affiliate, America First Policies, raised another $15 million.

These totals and the amount of time it took to procure them also blew Barack Obama’s reelection campaign out of the water, shattering the leftist myth that President Trump is wildly unpopular and a drain on our nation.

Given the United States’ recent conservative awakening, and the hard shift to the right that we are seeing in our everyday lives, there is little surprise that Donald Trump is already stacking his coffers full of cashola.  Now the only question will be is if the left can somehow claim that Trump needed Russia to get elected, even though we have ample evidence that his ascent to power was truly the will of We The People.

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