A True Story from Planned Parenthood

The ladies at the popular Christian philosophy, theology, and culture podcast Sheologians have released a powerful new video in conjunction with Apologia Radio and the Blaze. The video shows Sheologians host Summer White reading a letter from an atheist woman who wanted to share the story of her experience with Planned Parenthood and a Christian women’s clinic that came to her rescue.

The woman explains that some time ago she was raped and soon learned that she was pregnant and so she did what she’d been trained to do her entire life – she went to Planned Parenthood (PP). She was sure that she would find the care she needed at Planned Parenthood even though she wasn’t interested in abortion and planned to give her child up for adoption. Sadly, the woman was wrong. While the Planned Parenthood welcomed her at first, as soon as she turned in the paperwork indicating that she was planning to go the adoption route everything changed. Suddenly, the PP staff grew cold, ignoring her for over an hour and when she finally did get seen the counselor continued to push her towards abortion.

The Blaze explains what happened next:

“She kept telling me about my rights, about how empowered I would feel, how I would be taking control of my own body, and taking back what had been taken from me,” reads White.

“They wouldn’t offer me an ultrasound,” she continued. “Counseling was only for those getting an abortion.”

The woman continued to ask about adoption options, but was ignored. She was then told that her baby would likely grow up to be a drug user, or a rapist itself. She was told that her baby, having been conceived from rape would be harder to adopt. That no one would want her baby.

Not giving in, they sent her home with a supply of condoms and oral birth control. She later filed a complaint with Planned Parenthood, but never heard back.

The woman found no solace at her local Planned Parenthood, in fact, all she found was an abortion mill that hoped to help her murder her child.

She decided not to return to Planned Parenthood and instead found a Christian pregnancy center that was offered her the care she had been hoping to find at Planned Parenthood. The Christian center kept in close contact with the woman, provided her with ultrasounds and counseling. One of the ultrasound techs even spent time with her at the hospital to help with postnatal care after she miscarried her child.

It’s a heartbreaking story but it offers an important glimpse into the reality of what goes on every day at Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. Listen to the story yourself and think about the fact that this happens hundreds of time every day across our nation.


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