Trouble in Afghanistan

There should be no doubt that we are capable of defeating those who oppose us around the world. American military might is unquestioned and unequaled. Yet, there seems to be one thing that we have not accounted for, and that is the resiliency of people fighting for their homes.

As I reported back in December, the question is not ability or technology; the question is commitment. Are we committed to stay until the job is done? There is no doubt that we have been committed in Afghanistan. We have been there almost fourteen years. But it is beginning to be clear that the fight is far from over.

Before, the issue was a surge of Taliban activity in the north. Now, there are problems in the south. Fox reports that the Army is diverting a battalion from their intended deployment to the Helmand Province.

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There has been a rise in activity that has the Pentagon concerned. The 2-87 Battalion was scheduled to be stationed at the Bagram Air Base. Instead, they will relieve a company of 150 soldiers.

This comes after several heated clashes between U.S. advised Afghan forces and the Taliban. These clashes resulted in the downing of a U.S. helicopter and the death of a Special Operations soldier.
According to Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook, the mission has not changed and neither will the number of American Military personnel. But it is clear that this adventure is being poorly run.

Fox reports

“Our country has made the decision that we are not at war with the Taliban,” Gen. John Campbell told senators. The State Department does not include the Taliban on its foreign terrorist organizations list.


Campbell also said the Taliban took advantage of a significant decrease in U.S. airstrikes in 2015, which helped the Taliban gain strength. “I think the Taliban know that we downsized,” said Campbell.

Of course they do, we told them where and when the decreases would come. All they had to do is wait for us to leave. And if we are not at war with the people who trained and protected the people that attacked us on 9/11 then what are we doing?

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