Trial of Georgia Man Accused of Murdering Son in Hot Car Begins

Justin “Ross” Harris of Cobb County GA is set to stand trial in the matter of his 22 month old son’s June 2014 death.

The trial will be held in Brunswick due to a change of venue. It is gearing up to be a strange and sordid litigation. The prosecutor has already subpoenaed a prostitute to testify, and that is only the tip of the sexual iceberg in this case.

Before I go any further let me say this: I have lived for many years in Georgia. The summertime temperatures are no joke. You WILL burn your fingers on the steering wheel of a car left for an hour with the windows up in the Georgia sun. I can not imagine the painful death this child suffered from, at the very least, negligence.

Disclaimer: Gross statement ahead-You’ve been warned. I left a dirty diaper in our car one July day. It was in there for 4 hours with the windows rolled up. When I went to my vehicle after work as soon as I opened the door I knew something was horribly wrong. The smell would have knocked a buzzard off of a gut truck. After several bottles of Febreeze, my wife finally agreed not to divorce me over the lingering odor.

That being said, upon death, a healthy individual defecates unless they have a completely empty stomach. I do not know for a fact that young Cooper pooped when he died, but it is probably a safe bet, especially when the main investigator’s testimony mentions the “smell of death”. Ross says he drove 2 miles before noticing Cooper’s body in the backseat. HOW in the world is that even possible?

Even if he manages to escape a guilty verdict for murder, Harris will still face two counts of sexual exploitation of children and six of disseminating harmful material to a minor. While investigating police uncovered in Harris’s

possesion lewd photographs of two underage girls, Harris also allegedly sent nude photos to those girls and one other and engaged in sexually explicit chats with all 3.

NO matter the verdict it is my opinion that he is far from being a “good father,” so the defense attorneys may want to stop using that phrase.

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