Trey Gowdy Takes On the FBI

The Washington, DC rumor mill says a few years ago a former British MI6, intelligence agent and author of spy fiction, Christopher Steele, was hired by the FBI under the  direction of President Obama to create a dossier on Donald Trump.  It is not known if style, content parameters and objectives were given, but it can be assumed he was not told to find, or invent any stories of Mr. Trump helping old ladies cross streets or save destitute mothers with small children from the streets.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, is issuing subpoenas and demanding answers, and we believe Mr. Gowdy will nail FBI perpetrators with his incredible, piercing prosecution in the public interrogation.  This will be television worthy of watching on many channels if you have a TIVO or Hopper hard-disk recorder be sure to get the CNN and MSNBC conversions as we hear their people wail and make excuses for witness and castigate the confessors.  You can be sure not one second of this will be on the NBC, ABC or CBS evening news unless Gowdy goes off and that will not happen.

Congress and the FBI have been tussling over the “Trump Dossier.”  The House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed the bureau and the Justice Department for documents relating to it and the FBI’s relationship with  author Christopher Steele.  The Committee also wants to know the bureau’s role in supporting what began as opposition research against candidate Trump in the final months of the 2016 Presidential campaign.

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Subpoenas are an indication of Committee frustration over FBI and Justice Department stonewalling in the Trump-Russia investigation.  Mr. Gowdy was opposed to the step, in deference to career people with whom he has sympathy after a long career as a State Prosecutor, but Democrats have frustrated him and forced his hand. He is furious and Mr. Gowdy is just not a guy you make mad!  “We got nothing,” he said in one interview adding, “…witnesses have not been produced and documents have not been produced.”  These are particularly offensive acts for an agency like the FBI to make to Congress which responsible for their very existence!

Mr. Gowdy observed that FBI complying could interfere with the Mueller investigation by showing there has been a political motive in all questions of Mr. Trump’s loyalty.

Gowdy noted the FBI has said it needed more time to comply, and that complying might interfere with the Mueller investigation, but not said how!  Where Congress expects, and normally gets full cooperation with Federal bureaus they have no patience with what they have not gotten from the FBI.  Subpoenas have teeth.  People can go to jail for not complying.

There is much to learn about the fictional dossier.  Why was it called for in the first place?  What does is say of a government that sought to so label Mr. Trump?  What is it they wanted to keep secret by discrediting one who says he “…wants to drain the swamp?”  The fact of a smear alone by the FBI is enough for us to “Flush that toilet!” as is it clear much is wrong at many levels within our leading investigatory bureau!

Adrian Vance

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